Update Your LG G device to Latest Android 6 Marshmallow (Android M)
There is a lot of excitement for Android smartphone lovers with all new Android 6 Marshmallow OS release. LG have suffered much of interface issues with their base operating Android 4 os such as lag and bugs. New OS release is hopefully the best solution for all of the device lovers and to get most updated and faster performance. With new LGUP tool, you can easily flash your device with latest Android 6 Marshmallow firmware.

This tutorial will guide you to easily install the latest firmware on your LG device.

Follow below steps carefully to perform an installation.


Download latest Stock Marshmallow and LGUP exe files from secured sources here.

Step 1: Download the LGUP MSI files to your PC and install them. 


Step 2: Boot your device into Download mode. For this power off your phone first, connect to PC using original USB cable. Now hold volume up button and connect your phone using USB at the same time.

With this, your phone now must appear in LGUP software. If it doesn't work, just try again or remove the battery while connected to the phone with USB and put it again back. Your device must now appear in the LGUP now.

Access to file path and select your latest KDZ firmware file (It must be of a size around 1.2 GB), Select Upgrade option in Process section.

Just close the LGUP tool and launch it again. Your selected file must now appear in the file type section. Just select Refurbish (most recommended as it will remove all previous files from your device and do fresh installation) 

Note: If you have any important data on your device, take all necessary manual backup, you can also use Nandroid backup for this purpose)

Now once your device is selected and your file path is ready, hit 'start' to proceed and wait until completion.

Note: Make sure to have a battery at higher levels to ensure safe completion. 


1. Why my device does not show up in LGUP tool?

Ans: You have not launched download mode correctly OR you are not using LG original cable. The wrong cable may not work well. 

LG firmware update support discussions on Xda developer forums go here. 

Read Further, 

Marshmallow allows MicroSD to use and merge with Internal Storage.

Once user inserts MicroSD for the first time, the system will ask to merge it with internal storage. Its uses are much important if you wish to expand your internal capacity. But remember Android 6 M will reformat and encrypt your card, so you need to take all your backup once again.  

Install LG G3 CM13 Android 6 Marshmallow (Nightly Build) with TWRP OR Cyanogen Recovery.

Now official and a quite stable system is available for LG G devices. Even though G series loved very well last year, users still have complaints about its laggy performance and bugs. With all new OS release, you will surely see surprises on your most loved G device.

Download LG G3 CM13 Nightly Build from below links and flash the ROM using TWRP or Cyanogen Recovery. 

Prior to the OS installation, you need to install Gapps (Google apps) package suitable for your Android version. At current Gapps 5.1 Lollipop is available on latest G devices but to install latest Android M you need Gapps 6.0 Marshmallow Download. 
File sources: gammerson.com, highonandroid.com

Download LG G3 CM13 ROM

Canada LG G3 D852 CM13 ROM —  Get here
Korea LG G3 F400 CM13 ROM —  Get here
T-Mobile LG G3 D851 CM13 ROM —  Get here
International LG G3 D855 CM13 ROM —  Get here
Verizon LG G3 VS985 CM13 ROM —  Get here
AT&T LG G3 D850 CM13 ROM — Not available yet

Now let's begin with the process. 

TWRP Recovery
  • Download and copy Custom ROM and Gapps files to your device Internal storage.
  • Boot device into TWRP recovery. Also see, How to install TWRP for LG G3 here.
  • Now 'wipe' from TWRP main menu and hit 'Swipe to Factory Reset' at the bottom.
  • Go back to TWRP main menu and select 'Install' and select CM13.zip file.
  • Now hit 'Swipe to Confirm Flash' at the bottom. The process will start.
  • After completion, you will see 'Wipe cache/Dalvik' option, select 'Swipe to wipe' and let the process finish.
  • In a similar way flash Marshmallow Gapps file.
  • After flashing both Gapps and G3 CM13 ROM file, just reboot your device and its done.
Cyanogen Recovery
  • Download and transfer files as done above.
  • Boot device into Cyanogen mode.
  • Select 'wipe data/ factory reset, confirm 'yes'
  • Select 'Apply update' and select 'Choose from internal storage'
  • Select CM13 ROM zip file and proceed to installation.
  • Now flash Marshmallow Gapps file as done above.
  • After finishing the process, just reboot your device.
  • Have fun with new UI.
Note: Please note if you are not much acquainted with installing operating systems and following commands, just get it done with your friends or someone who is good enough to handle the procedures. Even though these steps sounds easy, a care must be taken while performing the steps. We are not responsible for your device's damage or data loss.

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