Best Utilization of Your Smartphone in Today's Busy World
In today's world smartphone is a very crucial gadget around us. The best way to find the true value of your gadget is to stay away from it for some time. If you are just keeping it with you as a phone calling and texting device then you are missing the real fun. 

Mostly we utilize our smartphone for multimedia and calling functions, and rest we call as hi-tech. No- surely not. All the apps and software UI are made to make our life simple and easier.

The shiny small device in your bag or wallet is the most advanced gadget human have made. Just before you start using those thousands of favorite apps you must know the basics of using it from a productivity point of view. Below are some unique features of a smartphone.

Smartphone Backup

When you know that storage inside the smartphone is not going to be permanent in today's fast paced life, then why to take a risk of loosing data?. Backup all your personal things such as contacts, text input and other media/work files to ensure you stay relax while it is with you.

Use it as a Camera

Today's smartphones are capable of working as an advanced camera that can take pictures as well as can record videos for you. Thanks to technology that allowed us to do this with this tiny device rather than those old fashioned bulky digital cameras and camcorders. So, it's even easier to share and enjoy your personal life's precious moments.

Use for Automation

The smartphone works on our commands, whether it is an alarm or switch on/off timings, it follows the set rules. So why not to do it properly? Let it go off on time at night when you are surely not going to use it. Use alarms in better ways. There are many other automation features available in today's user interfaces.

Turn off unwanted things straight way

Instead of keep watching them and popping all the day around, straight away turn them off if not in much use. E.g. Notifications, Push Emails. Use carrier's DND (Do Not Disturb) service to make sure you do not accidently pay for their services.

Brightness and Color Management

Many times we simply burn a lot of battery due to a fact that we just avoid its importance. If you adjust brightness levels to an optimum or keep a phone on auto-brightness levels then surely you will save almost up to 50% battery.

Using it as a Gaming Device

If you are not hefty gaming lover then this little gadget will serve as a best portable gaming device. If you have smart kids, then you will save a lot of money on their gaming consoles, CDS, throttles and play stations.

Track News

Track instant news and happenings from wherever you are. Just launch latest news app and you know what is happening at the current time. This could help you in the best way to take decision while you plan to travel, business meetings and other important schedules.


Make sure your phone has security password and other necessary checks enabled. E.g. Wi-Fi Entry Password, Phone Unlock, Personal Folder password etc. Try not to carry your bank or office details straight way inside your smartphone, rather use the online mail services to use them. E.g. instead of writing passwords and PINs in a text file in a smartphone, keep them in your online mailing services.

Keep away from it

Make sure not to use it as it near to your body part for more time. Just imagine many phones starts making noise or start vibrating in a meeting table at random without any decent cause. It is simply not at all necessary to attend each and every ping that your smartphone make. 

Use it to Shop

Right from comparing different products prices online, a smartphone can save your lot of time searching for the right prices and offers. It is so simple now. Track On-the-Fly discounts instantly. Thanks to barcode readers, comparison and search apps which make your work even easy and interesting. E.g. Grocery iQ, Google Shopper, Yowza, FastMall, Groupon. Save your ATM extra fees by searching your own Bank's ATM around you while on the go.

Using Smartphone as a Modem

Using it as a Modem can save a lot of money if you want to utilize basic internet services at home without going for local connections. Sharing wireless connection with smartphone, your PC can go online instantly through tethering. That will surely save your regular home internet bill. Many carriers offer enough internet plans with their SIM. Just try to utilize them in a wiser way.

Use it as a Central Remote control

Syncing your smartphone with the latest home appliances and other devices such as AC, 

home lights, you can easily control their On/Off or supply with your smartphone. Whether it is putting your AC or lights on/off on your scheduled or arrival time, to measuring your heart rates, smartphone apps can do anything in today's era.

Use it as an Information Resource

Whether it is using GPS or some online information scraping, a smartphone can quickly deliver the results. Wikipedia and Google are the best way to pull immediate and accurate reliable information from online updated database.

Respect your Smartphone

Handle your phone in the same way in which you would expect others to. Always remember this gadget serves many simple purposes for your life, so use it precisely.

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