Get All Your Instagram Photos to Your Google Drive Account
Google Drive has a vast potential to provide real-time file saving on cloud storage. G-Drive comes with up to 5 GB free account and upon further requirement, users can opt for the suitable plan. Google Drive is one of the best cloud storage service from Google.

If you are an Instagram fan and has lot of photos and videos on it, you can surely consider G-Drive to backup all your content easily.

Although Instagram can integrate with social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there is no direct way to download your Instagram content to your G Drive. Using
IFTTT web service you can easily achieve this. Using IFTTT you can easily automate your Instagram backup to G-Drive.

Follow these steps to ensure auto-backup is activated.

Log on to

Click on "Create a Recipe"

Click on 'this' link and select 'Instagram'.

Allow the popup permission for Instagram account access.

Now create a trigger say 'Any New Photo on My Account' and click on 'Create Trigger' button.

Now click on 'that' tab and click on 'View all Channels" and select 'Google Drive' Channel.

Activate Google Drive channel and allow IFTTT access to your Account.

Once your G-Drive channel is activated, close the tab and move to a recipe by picking Google Drive as an action channel.

Now select 'Add file from URL' as your action, and click 'Create Action' button.

Then click on the 'Create Recipe' button to save your new recipe and turn it ON.

Now, whenever a new photo is added to your Instagram account, it will be backed up on your G-Drive automatically.

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