Google Drive Upgrades With New Selective-Syncing Options
Google Drive app is becoming more user friendlier than ever. By just ticking and 
unticking you can let your content be stored on a cloud. If you untick something on your computer, it will be erased from the computer but not from G drive. You will also be notified if your shared users lose access due to your unticking content. 
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Google Drive adds new syncing option and with it now you can add or remove content easily. Most of us have limited disc space on computers or devices and hence storing large content on a cloud drive is a need. With new drive updates now you can choose a particular file or folder to sync and create more room for other data on your personal computers. 

With this new inline upload, a system user can see which files are in a queue for upload and how much of them have been completed on a progress bar. It is just similar to Microsoft's one drive file upload system. 

If you are on the desktop version of a Google Drive you can choose folders yourself to be synced with a drive. Further, if you wish not to sync an already uploaded folder, it will still remain stored in the cloud and you can have its access. This way you will save a lot of your hard drive space.

G drive cloud system is much safer for protecting your valuable memories against accidental damage and many other incidences including thefts. 

Currently, for regular users with 100GB space there is $1.99 per month cost, and for 1TB (1000 GB) you will need to pay $9.99 per month. For enterprises where space requirement is huge, you can go for the 10TB of space at just $99.99. Looking at the potential of a cloud storage, this service is worth buying.

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