Complete Step by Step Guide for Developing Your New Website
Site making is easy but a tedious process. It doesn't happen in few overnights. To expand your website reach, you can use tools which will support your marketing needs. Some trial and errors and you will succeed the path of blogging and site making.

Along with a top quality content and proper marketing tools, you will certainly build solid subscriber base to your website. To build a great site it is very important that you parallely run various things so that your content gets popularized far beyond the boundaries.

Methods such as SEO, email marketing, social networking, running the campaign, keyword analysis is some of the stuff you need to constantly monitor while moving on.

A widely used term 'SEO' is still a big question for many and too much boring for most of the people. Why? Because all of us know what it is, but getting actual results out of a muddle becomes extremely tedious and sometimes time-consuming.

There are many factors which are necessary to be considered right now if you expect real good results through your site making. If you avoid them and simply focus on your posts and articles, the end results will differ than other competitors. Not only your efforts will remain unseen but it will also harm your site making interest. So, make sure you have at least gone through all these tips.

Decide which Platform You Are Going to Use

Blogger or WordPress?

Well, there are some good reasons why you should go for Wordpress - It includes ease of access, a vast number of attractive themes, solid social network sharing, excellent customer support, better hosting plan and few more.

It would be wise if you look for a WordPress theme for you new site.

Already working with Blogger? No issue at all. If you are strong in your writing skills and social networking as well, Blogger will help you in exactly same way.

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Make a Good Choice of a Responsive Template

Currently, there are so many ways to surf the internet, it includes smartphones, tablets, pcs, laptops etc. So be wise and look for a site design which will nicely work on all the devices smoothly.

Purchase a Domain and Web Hosting Plan

If you have the plan to launch a new website, you need a name for it. It could be any random new name or a relatively look alike name which will easily suggest a niche of your content. e.g., website name itself suggest what site is all about. Search engines will also crawl your site accordingly once defined properly into their database.

Using free platforms such as blogger blogspot is advised for initial stages only, to swim deep online, you need your own .com or .net site.

Looking for a better hosting plan, look for this "Blogspot Blog to Custom DreamHost Domain - SEO Web Hosting"

For attractive and unique site name you can do keyword research as well as see if they are still available to buy.

Create a Sitemap

After you create few posts on your site, all you need to do is to tell the search engine about it. How? Through sitemap. Sitemap is an XML file which contains all URLs of your website posts. Your webmaster must know what content you have on your site so that their bots can search through.

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There are plenty of XML sitemap generators available on google. Just search them to get any good one. Get WordPress Yoast plugin here. For other CMS designs, you can use any, e.g. xmlsitemapgenerator

Customize Post's permalinks or URLS

What are these? These are the permanent links to your posts which will be crawled by the search engines. So design them wisely with proper keywords. Below are two links as an example on our site, decide yourself which one looks better while someone visits the page.


Follow Internal Linking

Once you have enough posts on your site, next step is to link them within new posts and vice versa. This will lead to more user engagement on your site and hence create a positive impact on search engines for better ranking. How to do this?

If you are creating one topic and you also have another post which is closely relevant to it, just try to link it within same with few words or line suggestion.

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Ensure 301 and 302 URL redirects

There are two types of broken links appearance on any website. One where a page has been moved permanently and other is where a page is moved temporarily to some other location. 301 (permanent moved) is okay for search engines but for 302 they won't move your URLs with new ones, to do so you need to edit .htaccess file in your server directory.

For additional help, you can visit cpanel's forum page here.

Ensure 404 Errors!

When a user does not find anything on a link, it is called as 404 error (Surely you have deleted the page). This is not good if a new visitor sees your site like this and go away.

You can simply convert this event with some custom page e.g. "Oops! Seems something went wrong suddenly" or add a search box instead.

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Protect Hotlinking of your Website Data

Hotlinking is also called as "Bandwidth theft" as someone may link to your images, videos etc. on their pages and using your servers data bytes to do so. Honestly, you will be charged for all those extra data transfer and not the one who is hotlinking your content.

It is certainly a big issue if not taken care on time. Every time a page loads it has to use a server to download those files, if purposely someone is hotlinking your images/videos, you are in loss.

"1011 Error: Access Denied (Hotlinking Denied)"

How to avoid this?

You can add some codes to your .htaccess file which must be in your website's root directory.

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://(www\.)?*$ [NC]

RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp)$ [R,L]

With this, when a user tries to insert your image links to their pages, a visitor will get a restricted page warning saying '1011 Error : Access Denied'.

There are URL hotlink checkers available freely. Click here to get one

WordPress users have an excellent plug-in for automatic image hotlinking protection.

Get here. Above code and detailed source:

Wrapping up,

Blogging is an easy and well-earning method but with proper steps and development techniques. A consistently avoided mistake can lead to time and earnings loss. I am constantly updating this post to give our subscribers enough and complete knowledge. Hope you enjoyed the post and keep commenting for your reviews.

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