Google AdSense on New Websites - A Complete Guide
Google AdSense is a Myth! Don't worry, even I was one of those who had similar thoughts. If you have patience and no hurry for business, you can definitely earn well. If you have a site and still generating low income through AdSense, here are some advanced tips which will sharpen your site making process.

It is a guarantee that most of us may not be able to become millionaire overnight using this system or a large mansion immediately but the process is absolutely stunning if you have a strong will and capability.

Try answering this question, "What makes it work for those successful bloggers?"

Writing articles is not that difficult as far as you have better writing skills, but creating unique and quality content will certainly bring fruits. Most of those books, novels and online articles will teach you to site making process in very complicated ways. They will also make you believe in investing money on softwares, plans etc.  

Just imagine, an online world as a community who is constantly providing guides and tips through articles. What does it mean? How do they get at your fingertips when searching for topics? Yes, through search engines. So next question is how the search engine finds them? Simple.. through Keywords.

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Keywords define the searching process. Whenever user looks for a query through search bar, the search engine starts bringing results depending upon their suitability and off course availability of them in articles. These called as tags and keywords. That's why there are concepts nowadays we here like longtail keywords, keyword analysis, free keyword tools blah blah...

In today's scenario where smartphones and the internet are ruling the world, marketing has become a most crucial part of any business. Of course, it was always there, but today competition is way high especially in this field. Everyone wants to make money through their sites and advertising.

So, what's make a difference? Targeting the topics which are still to be created, unique and interesting content, better social reach and solid marketing skills will give you good cash.

Getting Adsense approval is easy if you have a niche site, but for earning well, you need to master the keywords and focus upon new content.

Aah... If you think you have got through all the basics of Google AdSense, you are most probably wrong. There is a lot to be implemented yet. 

Even though your site has started giving your some good money, you have a long way to run. Smart ad choices, better placement of ads, sorting out invalid clicks will boost your earnings beyond imagination. 

Avoid Invalid Clicks - Manually boosting AdSense Commission

Yes, it is harmful and it reduces your site ranking. For many it is a big question. Own ad clicks, automated clicks, using softwares to generate clicks, robots are some of the things which bad guys indirectly allow.

The worst part is, Google will never tell you the reason they fired you for those invalid clicks on your sites.

The solution for this is to have solid and unique content, staying away from paid traffic which might be from facebook or other social networks and more importantly if you really have such issues, Google guys will also help you better. 

Ad Catagories - Block/Unblock ad category to suit your content

This took some time for me to understand. We think, by just keeping default ad categories are good enough to bring earnings, but actually, it is not true for all. You are actually increasing advertisers competition just because of allowing all of them to appear on your site. 

Some ads have higher CPCs (cost per click) while other may have higher CTRs (click through rate - % of clicks). Most importantly you need to observe and constantly monitor your RPMs. (Revenue per thousand impressions) 

If some categories are there with high CPC but with low CTR then it may not be suitable for your audience expecting a valid click after a lot of page views. 

Know the Process First - Why google pay for clicks on contextual and graphic ads?

You can not try to push your content on readers, it won't work. It is a very basic and simple process. When someone hits a query, search engines crawls through a database and bring the results depending upon their rank and authority. You can rather focus on the concepts such as keyword research, search volumes, keyword traffic, keyword competition, cost per click, RPMs etc, look to create high-quality content and parallely marketize your niche which will grab a higher attention.

Look for Higher CPCs considering Advertiser's Smart Pricing

Imagine why some advertisers invest in ads. Surely for increasing their revenue. But how? As Adsense is not an affiliate program, yet they successfully grab advertiser's attention in their AdWords program. 

Here is how? Google has an advanced algorithm for advertisers which gives them a glance about how their ads got converted through recent data. And that's how websites with higher conversion rates will get higher CPC bids for relevant product categories.

Being a publisher, unfortunately, we only get a chance to see CTR but not conversion history on our own clicks. So our aim should be to raise the site's ranking and attract higher CPC bidders/ads.

In short, block unprofitable categories, keep good ad placements on pages. Additionally, if you focus on how ads get converted for advertisers, you will be able to create much relevant and interesting content.

Custom Channels for much better competition

With custom channels, you can create group ads on which advertisers can be attracted easily. With this, they will actively look to fill those ads first as a result of competition.

Anchor/ In-flow Ads - (Hovering, Sticky and Floating Ads)

All we know the hot areas to place ad units, mostly they are on the front page (also called above-the-fold), but it's not always true for everyone.

There is nothing happen accidentally on websites, if a visitor likes and has an interest in the ad, then only a click will happen. Instead, to tackle this, you can use a latest anchor and in-flow ad units which work pretty well, depending upon the surrounding environment. 

But remember to avoid this trick on mobile devices, as it will result in lots of invalid clicks. 

Ad Sizes, Most important Aspect

If you have responsive web layouts, your ads will most probably scramble here and there, so choose their sizes precisely. The worst example is if you have a long verticle rectangle ad which may not look good on a mobile device and will unnecessarily take more space showing nothing around. For this, try to avoid those ads on small devices.

For desktop versions, Large and rectangular ad formats create more CTRs as they are more likely to be clicked naturally hence giving your more commission. But with some percentage only. Square ads are the best ad units and works best all the time. Most of the time visitor doesn't even know why he is clicking on that ad.  You need to act smart here.

Ad Design and Color selection

It is important as not all default AdSense ad units will look good on your sites. Sometimes you may need to modify the colors to suit your site's background and fonts. Try considering modifying these before applying them on pages. 

All and all your ad units must dilute with your page design so that they look natural and not just forceful unwanted fancy stickers. 

Advanced Geo-Targeting

Just look at the wealth of a Nation. High-income countries such as the USA, UK will surely pay more on their ads than those in China and Africa. So wisely you can create your pitch suitable for these audiences. 

To know which countries paid you more recently, go to performance reports on your AdSense account. You can see which geographical area is paying you higher CPC.

Stay away from short-cuts, no matter how long it takes

Many online sites are built only to focus upon customers greed. Every new site owner wants to earn fast money without putting enough efforts. When they see there is nothing coming in through their ads on articles, they start believing on illegal methods such as softwares, bad likes, investments in some crazy services.

Study services first, look at their reviews before putting money on them.

Understanding difference between CPC, RPM, CTR - 

Once you understand the terms such cost per click, revenue per thousand impressions, click through rates you will actually understand how money flows through the entire AdSense Campaign how easy it is. Till the time, you may just keep trying for new topics, content, writing etc but wonder getting no results so ever.

In earlier years, when google Adsense was new, a concept of site making was a bit easier as there was no heavy competition, any new articles were made, they would have got enough attention and hence created good traffic. But, currently, it is not the same case. Competition is way higher, for every popular keyword there are hundred of articles and various sites are blindly trying to compete with each other for money. Do You want to survive in such battle? Chances are low unless you have a solid plan. 

Using Softwares to search new long keywords

Softwares such as long tail pro recently came into existence to tackle the exact issue of solving excessive keyword competition and way to move further. Due to large numbers of site owners started believing in some areas and created content in a particular niche, there was a need to sort those keywords so that new sites can float better in the pool of search engine.

These softwares filters all the keyword database from search engines such as google, bing, yahoo and prepare a list of new keywords which have low competition, a higher cost on clicks and easy to rank. Most of the new site owners who want to make money faster may invest in such softwares. 

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An Art of Arbitrage

In this, you can focus on buying lower bids which will generate more clicks and parallelly try selling them for higher amount through AdSense Campaign. It is against the competition but if your website is worth enough for any visitor, you can always look for quality traffic to click on your ads and give you more money. 

Look for keywords where bids are far away from high and mid but have larger search traffic, and you can select such words to tag through your articles.

Automating Ad insertion on pages

Experienced AdSense users follow this technique by using ad codes in pages through SSI (Server side included). How to do this? Just save an Ad code in a text file, name it as an "AdSense text" and upload it to the root directory of your web server. 

Now use SSI and call the code on all other pages. 

Asynchronous AdSense Code

This type of codes runs faster by reducing load time. They are decided to support websites which demand higher loading speed for better revenues. Google introduced this type of ad codes in 2015.

If you are looking for good AdSense optimization service, look for AdNgin Optimization. It will surely help you improve your revenue.

Link your AdSense Account to Google Analytics

Once you do this, all your AdSense data and reports will be available for your analysis in your Analytics account. It includes your CPMs, posts generating higher clicks, clicked ads, CTRs etc. If you haven't linked yet, see this.

Click on Behavior tab in your Analytics account and click on "Publisher pages", you will see the complete report. Select the time frame on the top and see which of your posts are performing best for you. I am sure you will be surprised to see the results and some posts are amazingly working great for you.

AdSense Referrers - In this, you will know highest paid traffic coming from. e.g. Google, facebook social networking, Instagram, twitter etc. Once you know the sources adding more value to your AdSense, you can focus on those well.

Using Google Analytics reports, you can focus on the high traffic posts to boost your AdSense Earnings.


By now, you must have had more briefing on AdSense revenue tips which will surely boost your confidence for trying and implementing new things with your sites at much faster pace. Surely subscribe us and come back to see what others have to say. 

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