List of Free Tools For Every Blogger
For many, blogging is a passion. It is true but not profitable always. Unless you are honing your skills to make your site work, nothing will cook better. You might be fascinated to see how top bloggers makes such huge money through their websites and blogs but what is important for all of them is the continuous efforts and interest in the field. 

Even if you are better in analyzing and writing, without those tools you won't be able to survive in the current competitive environment. Unique quality content, strong marketing plans, attracting visitors through promotions are some of the skills you need to constantly develop. 

Once you are stable with your website or blog, a next step is to take it to a higher level by incorporating all the SEO techniques so that your site floats better online. With this, you can reach much faster to a great milestone where others may still have taken years to. 

Instead of looking for investing money in campaigns, you can look for free but potentially great tools which are easily available. Google Keyword Planner, Plagiarism checkers, Analytics, Webmaster tools and other SEO techniques must be used wisely. 

Google Keyword Planner

Planning your articles based on new and competitive keywords will make your content reach everywhere faster. No one will hear your voice if you are shouting in a large crowd. Instead, talk wisely where quality people are willing to listen. 

Google keyword planner will exactly do this for you. Here you can do research for your keywords and see which fits into your titles and write ups. It will also show you search traffic, keyword competition and bids on those keywords.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics will give you an insight into who is coming to your website. It will give you reports such as data traffic, search volume, a number of visitors, how visitors are reaching your site, what content is popular, operating system used etc.

Analytics will guide you decide your next plans for developing new content. 

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One of the amazing features of Analytics is that you can do your keyword research here as well. 

To do that log-in to your Google Analytics Account and go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries. (Make sure your Google Webmaster Tools account is linked to Analytics)

Here you will see the queries which are mostly searched on your site. This will give you an insight about what topics of your site are preferred by the online pool and help you develop your content further.

Search most popular articles on your site

To see which topics are running hot on your site and what keywords they are hitting so much for, you can go to Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Landing Pages 

This will help you know what pages are working best for you and so the relevant keywords. 

Organic Keyword search

Last but not the least, if you look at organic keywords in your Campaigns section through Acquisition menu, you will notice most of the important keywords are tagged under "not provided" category. 

Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) Google Search Console

GWT is totally different as it will give you an insight into what is happening within the site and how it is seen by search engines. Get instant reports on Search results, Crawling reports, Links reports, a configuration of the site, site issues and much more.

You will get all idea about what is happening to your site at a current time, whether your links are broken, malware is attacking and other errors present.

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Once you have your both Analytics and Webmaster account linked, you will get all graphs and data to analyze about your website. Login to your GWT account and go to Search Traffic > Search Analytics

You will see a list of keywords for which your pages are ranking higher. It will also show you other data such as impressions, CTR and keyword position, search traffic, platform and devices used and much more. And rest be sure about the data accuracy, Its Google!

Keyword Competition Analysis

If you just keep creating a content, no one will see it unless you have a plan. I mean, you should study the competition first. If the same topic is written by hundreds of site owners, then there are chances that your work will remain unseen and over the period of time articles will become obsolete. 

To make sure this doesn't happen, ensure your new topics are unique and with utmost quality. The next best option is to create the content with much higher accuracy and brief. e.g. - This site is new but ranking high because of higher depth and better marketing campaigns. 

So competitor's keywords analysis is the nest best option.

Use SEMRush Keyword Tool

This is paid option but will give you fabulous results if you don't mind investing money on your site making. 

If you input a website link, SEMRush software will give you complete analysis about the keywords and their ranking data for particular one. If you go to Organic Research > Positions section, you will get the keywords for which the site is ranking for including their position. 

You will also learn to find most profitable keywords for your site so that you can focus on those keywords and topics. You can also do country specific keyword data analysis if you don't wish to look into only Google's global US-based database.


This is yet another amazing tool which will help you analyze Domain authority, the page authority, Linking root domains and backlinks. 

It is developed by and gives you an opportunity to research backlinks, know top pages, social activities and review anchor text. 

For an instant access, you need to open Moz community account.   

Once you have collected all the potential keywords through your study, you can use them in your articles and see results in short period.

Online Plagiarism Checker

Blindly making articles will not work if you are just reading from other sites. It will not only reduce your ranking but also put you in danger for blocking your site for plagiarism. So far you may have mistakenly created a lot of your articles by just spinning, but online checkers will exactly tell you how much risk you have actually taken. 

If you see numbers in danger, try modifying your articles wisely and look to create them as unique as possible. Also see "How to Protect Your Copyright work with DMCA?

So keep a habit of creating unique and quality updated content and interestingly they will serve people for a long period of time.

Marketing and SEO


Aweber is a great tool for creating an email list and achieve great site promotion. It is a no.1 auto responder and collects all the email list. Because of its amazing features and ease of access millions of site owners prefers it. It has succeeded and created the great impact in email marketing. 

You can also create attractive opt-in forms on your blog so as to get as many as subscribers. Other competitors for email marketing include MailChimp & vertical response.


What it takes to create a great content? Time may be. But most important is to know what to write. Finding a right type of content which will suite your visitors is very important. Once you have decided a niche for your site, you need a continuous trend of new topics to create content. BuzzSumo will do exactly same for you by sorting different topics, trends and give you a complete idea.

Best Alternatives - - Best alternative to collect blog topic ideas. A free online tool with great analysis for keywords and topics for a particular niche.

EpicBeat Epictions - Get latest trends, content and influencers easily on fingertips. Search best channels for your niche, sentiment, and other graphical data analyzed easily.

Alltop - It is probably one of the great sites to see what content is on the top of the world. Depending upon the topic interest, a site will populate the best sources around the globe. 

Blekko - Blekko is free and one the great online platform (search engine) to analyze trending topics which are relevant to your niche. It excludes generic and content farm results which Google doesn't. If you search a query e.g. advance seo tips, it will give you list of most relevant and quality sources.

Even Pinterest and Twitter are amazing social sites to see which topics are hot and trending currently in the market. You will surely get some best ideas through surfing them.

Online Backlink Checker

Backlinks are good for site's health. In earlier period it was one of the important metric for website ranking. It is an incoming hyperlink from other online sources to your site.

As discussed above, Moz community provides a free online tool to check your backlinks. Through various online sources such as Testimonials, Blogger reviews, Unlinked mentions, Blog aggregators, Guest posts, Infographics, Google + profile are some of the great methods to build solid link building to your site.

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Hootsuite is again a great tool for social media management. It is used by millions of users worldwide. It will not only promote your content faster but also track them for your further analysis. You can schedule your content to be spread on social sites as per your need. Hootsuite serves the best purpose for this.

Writing Assistance

No one is perfect in writing, at least those who are not from English countries. Making articles are sometimes difficult for them. Using Microsoft word and other writing software one can create error free articles. 

Grammarly is one of the great tools recently came in the market with huge potential so speed up the writing. Its basic free add-on will help you enough and its paid plan is simply amazing for complete assistance. See here Grammarly Review

Other Tools

Movavi Screen Capture

Sounds too basic? But it is very important if you want to create an online guide for a topic. If you want to create a video guide by your own, you need a screen recorder. There are many available such as screen-o-matic, but for simplicity, this one is simply best. 

Wrapping up,

With all above methods, I am sure you won't fail at least with your blogging experience. Let us know what strategies you applied to expand your website reach. There are plenty other ways to help your site grow faster which we will be updating soon or later through various posts. Keep reading and do comment.

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