Do you Know these Cool Android OTG Cable Hacks?
Did you know some of the cool other productive uses of an Android OTG cable? Yes, not only to look at it as an USB storage attachment or for battery charging, there are so many things you can do with this OTG cable.

Any USB device whether it is a flash drive or a USB LED lamp can work with an OTG connection. OTG facilitates a smart connection between a device and these small gadgets. Some work directly and some need an app for controlling them. 

We have enlisted some of the best possible uses of an OTG cable. 

1. Attach USB mouse - You can easily connect any USB mouse to your smartphone via OTG cable. Now work even faster on your phone using this little gadget.

2. Attach USB keyboard - Just imagine you want to write a big mail or a write up using your tab or smartphone. A simple otg cable connection will solve your purpose. Just attach your keyboard to your device with otg cable and start typing anything.

3. Attach external gadget through otg - You can fire any USB lamp or a USB fan accessory through an otg cable. Yes, will work for sure. 

4. Charge another smartphone - Through otg connections, you can actually charge other devices. Your main device must have enough charge so that it pushes its battery power to another device. 

5. Control DSLR / Game controllers - Just download an app called DSLR from Google Play store and install it on your smartphone. Now connect your DSLR to your phone via otg cable and configure it. Get a DSLR Controller.

Similarly, you can use any game controller which is used to work with their own systems such as the one which comes with Sony PlayStation and use on your smartphone easily. 

Look for a game controller on Amazon.

6. Create Music on Smartphone using MIDI controller Apps and Musical Instruments - For music lovers, an otg cable is a great tool. You can actually connect these instruments to pc via MIDI standards. And with OTG cable you can connect them to your android device as well. Now record your favorite piano nodes, own custom tunes on guitar right on your smartphone.

7. Use any USB sound card - A sound card with USB connection can connect to your smartphone through otg. Try this, will surely work.

8. Access LAN/ Ethernet on Smartphone - If you don't have wi-fi router, you can still access the internet to your pc through your smartphone's internet connection. For this, you need an USB to LAN connector and also an otg cable to achieve the purpose. Access internet from/to smartphone easily.

9. Access Card reader through otg - You can connect a card reader to your smartphone using otg. This is quite helpful for those who often carry data in their memory cards.

10. Portable accessories - Many gadgets work simply on usb power connections. One of such productive thing is a portable fan. Even Xiaomi has their own portable fan which comes with a smartphone. This is quite helpful in some incidence where you need a small fan. 

11. Print files from Smartphone - Connect your device to a printer using OTG cable and just print any file stored in it via a simple print command. Try this, it actually works with an app called PrinterShare

12. Connect portable HDD to a smartphone - It is a very productive thing when you are away from your pc and need to access your files stored in a portable hard drive. An OTG cable will help for this.

If you have any other hacks for OTG cable, do share in comments.

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