3DMark Adds VRMark Indices for Eye-Poping VR Devices
What are 3DMark indices? With 3DMark, you can actually check your device's graphic performance with world class benchmarking diagnostic tool. 3DMark benchmarking indices allow users to test actual performance of their devices. Futuremark's latest VR Benchmark is all set to provide indices hereafter for all VR devices. They recently came up with new UI into 3DMark to test VR headsets. 

So, why to trust upon someone's word, Do it yourself and check your hardware's capabilities!


3DMark is world's most popular performance benchmarking index tool. You can run the tests on your device or tablet. 3DMark is used by most of the professionals and reviewers for comparing the device's running on latest iOS, Android, and Windows-based operating systems.

3DMark have set a standard for graphics performance by an index. It is available at free of cost for everyone. Ice Storm includes GPU (Graphical performance) and physical test (CPU) tests. Ice Storm Extreme is specially designed for professional testing of latest high-end tablets and smartphones with high-resolution renderings.

image source: 3dmark website
VRMark is not just a benchmark but a great experience...

3DMark have added VRMark preview and an updated User interface which are again a fascinating news for everyone. As virtual reality devices and gadgets are on the way for capturing a market, these two tests will set a new benchmarking for hardware and software industry. 

Users can run these tests on most of the VR headsets including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive etc. The results on Titan X running a G-Sync monitor were quite satisfying as reported by tech experts.

Watching a real graphics onscreen with VRmark tests is a fun. You will move around the Futuremark's virtual world and its impressive. With these indices, VR device manufacturers have now started focusing on real competition to render video information properly on the latest hardware and pcs. 

Some of the Great features of 3DMark includes its top notch benchmarking tests, compatible with most of the devices, Includes ICE storm test on OpenGL ES 2.0, devices scores comparison, easy interface and much more. 

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