Mediachain with Blockchain Technology to Ensure Online Image Attribution Credits
Once an original image is posted on an internet, lot of hungry writers try to modify it and put on their pages. It includes social networking sites and other work profiles. Within few minutes, these images go viral and shared with millions of people leaving behind the original creator.

The most recent examples of this are the David Bowie commemorative GIF and the artist of the Eiffel Tower pace symbol after Paris attacks.

Mediachain Labs, a startup using blockchain technology to trace images path over thousands of online pages so that original artist is well mentioned every time by properly attributing their work.

Through recent years work, they have worked together to create open, decentralized network which will allow developers to cryptographically tag media to maintain original attributions.

Image source: Leonardo da Vinci, 1503–1517
Bitcoin monitors the safe exchange of money by tracking its origins with a database. Mediachains work on the same technology for online media tracking creating better credit system for images, artwork and music.

The way Gmail and Outlook use their own open protocols such as IMAP and SMTP to built to move with their email services, Mediachain trying to use the Bitcoin's technology to build their own tools for online media.

With this technology, Mediachain will resurface the original media data with credits of artists and allow them to trace the further path of their work. This will ensure their credits everytime work is used.

Once an image is copied or reused with modifications, the artist will get alert like Google alerts and hence know the chain and history of images for the further period of time. This will allow artists to get paid properly if someone uses their work even for commercial purpose.

Mediachain's basic aim is to track the media path so that original artists stay alerted all the time and later on they can see what steps are necessary to exchange the real values.

The success of Mediachain largely depends on upon how many partners uses it. Currently, big partners like MoMA, Getty Images and Digital Pubilc Library of America have joined them, but a company is looking for more companies and institutions to join in a short period.

If you are an individual developer, you can start using Mediachain's Technology to ensure your original work doesn't feed others at free.

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