Microsoft Rolls Out Planner Project Management App for Office 365
There is a buzz all around a globe for Microsoft's new Planner Tool which was in preview at first around in December 2015. At that time company described it as a tool for making a plan, organize, assign and share work efficiently. Planner Tool is nothing but structuring a project work.

With Planner released, there is a new competition among top paid players which includes Google Apps for work, Atlassian's JIRA Core, Trello, and Asana.

For each new plan in Planner will create new Office 365 group. With a planner, you can set due dates, email notifications and a transparent dashboard to manage a whole plan.

Similar to Trello, Planner uses a concept of 'Boards' to keep work on a pace. There are cards inside each board which has due dates, attachments, categories, and conversations. These cards can later be sorted using 'Buckets' which are color coded for easy reference.

A plus point of Microsoft's Planner includes its integration with their other products such as office 365 suite, Outlook 2016, Outlook on the web and Outlook Groups Mobile Apps.

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Planner are totally different solutions aiming at different end users. The planner is a work management solutions whereas MS Project focuses on managing a complex portfolio of projects and programs. MS-Project includes Program and Portfolio Management, Resource Capacity Management, Financial Management, Timesheeting and Schedule Management. 

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Meanwhile, Microsoft is asking all Office 365 users all around the globe to review and give feedback about new Planner Tool. They also promised their users to continuously improve their new tool to ensure its great success.

There are also new features they promised to arrive soon or later which will include assigning a task to multiple users, external user access, plan templates, customizable boards and support for Android, iOS and Windows Apps.

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