(Power Toggles) Add/Edit Custom Toogle Buttons in Android Notifications Panel
We have seen a few toggles in an android notification panel. Using apps you can edit and add more toggles to suit your requirements. Whether it is a mobile data button or a wi-fi you can add-edit anything. 

With Power Toggles app you can do it easily and one does not need to have any custom/modified android firmware. You don't even need to go to settings every time to repeat the functions on/off, and with a single click its pretty easier now and always.

Power Toggles

Download Power Toggles here

Launch the App and click on Notification options. 
Turn ON Notification options and select Customize.

In the available menu, select the one which you want to add on notification shortcut.

You can set 2 rows of toggles button through this app. So you can create 16 buttons easily. Much of a use right? There are more options such as button colors, background design etc.

There is another app called Notification Toggle which does the same function. 

Alternatives to Power Toggles

1. SwitchPro Widget Get here
2. Powerful Control Get here
3. Notification Toggle Get here

Toggling between Apps is one of the most useful things for Android lovers. Just similar to iPhone, with a single click you can navigate to various apps and widgets. 

Best Toggle Settings Apps or Floating Apps For Android

Easy Touch (Android Style) - To navigate to quick settings such as Bluetooth, wifi, GPS, home, Easy Touch has great features. There are themes supported for easy customization. They also have iPhone style available.

iTouch - It features iOS design easy for navigating between home, wi-fi, mute, memory options and much more. They also have pro version on Google Play. 

Magic Toucher Utility - It includes some of the cool features such as system toggles, sidebar mode, virtual home, multi-tasking and much more. It is available at free on Google Play.

Touch Me - Assistive Touch 
You can change settings quickly without going to android settings. It's pretty easy with cool options for most of the common features and widgets. 

Toucher - It is easy to use and has almost 18 menus to choose from. It is developed by Go launcher Ex and works pretty well with its free version.

V9 Assistive Touch - It supports one key launch to various things such as one touch acceleration, one key surf, one key switch between apps and much more. It is available at google play store for free. 

Floating Touch - It floats on your screen over apps similar to ios, making a person easier to navigate to various widgets and apps. If you are looking for all the options, they have paid app.

Assistive Touch - It has some cool features such as voice search, virtual keys, screenshots, flight mode, exit current program and much more. You may need to go for their pro version.

Top Assistant - Works well, has better options to choose from. Free available and developed by well known Angeldroid Studio.

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