How To Get Double Tap To Wake Up & Sleep on Android Device
Feeling tired to always press that soft button on your smartphone? Have you already seen the fabulous double tap wake up screen on LG smartphones? You may surely like this tips.

A legendary power button may get some relief now. There are other ways available now to turn your Android Smartphone or tablet ON and OFF without using it.


Tap to wake or lock. It's an android app available freely to enable double tap on your android device. It works pretty well and can be installed easily within a minute. 

Limitations - Works well with OLED displays e.g. Samsung AMOLED. It doesn't include LCDs. Developer - Jawomo, $1.10 for Pro version without Ads.


This app is also good, but many people have raised minor issues such as screen takes a long time to wake up. 

If you are among SONY smartphone users there is a good news for Xperia series phones. With AOKP install, you can get double tap enabled with some extra work. Some software knowledge is required here.

They say drivers required for this function are already available on Xperia series phones. So, one just need to enable them properly through new rom.

Head to Xda-developers forum for brief discussion. Click here

Note: You need to have unlocked bootloader to use new ROM & kernel.

Gravity Screen 

This is an amazing app works on its own gravity. Once your lift your device up, your phone will wake up. Once installed from play store, you will need to approve it to be device administrator so that it works.

It uses the proximity sensor to operate and fascinating thing about this app is, one can adjust the angles precisely to start on/off feature accurately. 

Wave Unlock

This app works using a proximity sensor inbuilt within most of the latest smartphones. Using a simple wave of your palm over proximity sensor, it will wake up the phone. You can adjust the sensitivity of your sensor and also set to lock by covering sensor for particular seconds.

The app works extremely well and definitely has an edge over other apps. Keep 'start on boot' ON and forget about the power button forever.


This app allows users to lock their devices by just swapping from a predefined area in a particular direction. It's an invisible shortcut to turn off your screen. You can actually set the activation area such as left or right to up, small or big etc. Smartly, they have kept swipe up from the bottom in their Pro Version which is at $1.57

Note while Uninstall: If you want to uninstall these apps, make sure you go to Settings > Security > Device Administrators and uncheck the box next to the app you want to uninstall.

Tap to Wake is now available on Android Marshmallow or Android 6.0

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