HexFlex an Amazing Everyday Multi Tool On Kickstarter
HexFlex is an amazing multi-purpose tool which is developed by a creative tool company Kickstarter. They help various artists, musicians, film-makers, designers, and creators bring their ideas into real life through various projects. 

This pocket size multi-tool has so much in it that you will forget about a regular tool kit. This simple tool was first designed for snowboarders but soon later it becomes so famous that they started promoting for others for regular use. 

At just 2.3 ounces, you can carry it anywhere with you, use with key chains or just openly keep in a pocket. Buy on Amazon (best seller)!
Still, don't believe right? Below are the tools it comes inbuilt with.

Flathead Screwdriver, #3 Phillips Screwdriver, #2 Phillips Screwdriver, 4mm Allen Wrench, 5mm Allen Wrench, 6mm Allen Wrench, Box Cutter, 1/4in End Wrench, 5/16in End Wrench, 10mm End Wrench, 7/16in End Wrench, Bottle Opener, 12mm End Wrench, 1/2in End Wrench, 9/16in End Wrench

WTF! It is true. Currently, they provide stainless steel, black oxidized steel, and really sweet limited edition titanium HexFlex. You can also see its metric units on their site here.

Kickstarter gets funded by many people for making their ideas and projects live and HexFlex has gained pretty well response for its amazing capabilities.

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