Hootsuite for Blogger - A Must Have Social Integration Tool
Hootsuite is probably one of the great tools for social media automation. It can easily be integrated with Blogger and also work well with most of the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and top others. 

Right from the Hootsuite dashboard one can update to Blogger. One can view their posts as they are seen on a website through Hootsuite. One can also edit, create and manage posts directly without going to Blogger separately. Hootsuite can even manage multiple blogs on same blogger account.
Just Go to HootSuite, Create account and integrate a Blogger account with it. One can also install their app directly from App Directory

A great Twitter Management Tool 

Bloggers can easily manage their Twitter accounts more effectively with Hootsuite for site promotion, monitoring, keyword tracking, reputation management and much more. 

Why Hootsuite? One do not need to have an app or software download. It can seamlessly work on the regular web browser. 

Hootsuite allows people to create tabs for individual twitter accounts so that one can easily manage their tweets and mansions. 

Twitter Lists - This is one of the most favoured things on Hootsuite. 

One can create twitter lists by including a column under each account and do things such as follow reader's list, industry experts, collaborators etc. 

Question tracking is another great thing one can monitor with it. One can create columns for particular searches such as "android news" and keep an eye on relevant news constantly. 

Conversions can be easily tracked with Hootsuite. Create columns for specific searches and see who is talking about it. By keeping an eye on particular keywords set by you in Hootsuite, easily monitor what news is going around and grab others attention through your articles at earliest. 

One can monitor their Brand Names, Retweets, Mentions on twitter through Hootsuite's premium account easily. This way one can focus on those readers and solve their questions easily and promptly. 

One of the strong features of Hootsuite is that one can let their authors connect to a single twitter account for quick reply management. A website team can easily work together on a single twitter account effectively only through Hootsuite. They called it as "Team Collaboration Capabilities"

Not only Twitter, Hootsuite will also monitor your social activities on Facebook, Google Plus, MySpace and most other famous social networks. But your will have to go for their paid version. 

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