Sort Google Search Results by Date Range
Google is a bank of information and millions of users look for it through search queries all the time. The way google brings the results is a topic to study but one thing is for sure, the best one comes first on the list. That is why till the date there was a method to rank sites called PR. But now PR has gone. Google have stopped ranking pages to avoid unnecessary competition and unhealthy practices to bring links on high PR.

Have you ever had a thought of sorting the data by date? Wouldn't it be an easier for you to find the exact piece of information? 

By default, google brings results on the basis of the relevance of the keywords. The most relevant information will appear on top, however, if someone is looking for date specific topics such as yearly exam results, a particular event held in specific time, you can look for date specific results. 

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Since there is a way to fool search engines by providing wrong dates and time, Google doesn't actually rely on the date and time of the content. Still, they can track some information through meta tags used on web pages while publishing. This data can be sorted easily. 

How to Sort results by Date?

Once you hit a query, a list of results will appear. Just look for "Show search tools" on the Menu bar and click on it.

Use any custom date range and hit search. This way you will be able to find exact date specific relevant content to your query. 

What tips you follow to master your Google experience, share here in comments.

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