Tasker will help you Fully Automate your Android Smartphone
Right from starting a music with headphone plugged in, automatically run an app, go silent as you step in office, taking actions on events everything can be automated on an android device.

There are plenty of apps which will help you do this. One of the best among is Tasker. Using this app an Android user can save a lot of his time by simply setting events to occur set by rules. It's free (trial download) version is just a tip of an iceberg, but paying around $6 is worth using it for productivity purpose.

Now you do not need to do everything manually. Tasker will smartly automate your tasks based on your own rules. Once you install Tasker, it will integrate with other apps and by allowing permissions you can let it start working like a robot. 

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Amazingly, Tasker can do much more complicated things than one can think of. It includes tasks involving variables, conditions, loops and much more. 

Capabilities of Tasker Include

Tasks related to actions such as bringing a phone to a certain state. It supports more than 200 actions which include starting media player when headphone is inserted, starting browser while you insert SD cards, turn on GPS for related apps, increase display timeout while reading etc.

Things such as importing and exporting files, copying things, locking tasks, backing up data on a regular basis etc. can be automated.

Set parameters for some tasks to execute as and when they occur are easily executable.

Variable values such as time, battery level, brightness levels can be used to trigger a certain event.

A complete project - It includes various tasks such as profiles, tasks, scenes and variables. You can also export complete project to someone else as an android apk package.

Some of the best use of Tasker App

1. Setting wi-fi on/off for home/work and it's data usage.
2. Set wi-fi off while a screen is off. This is auto feature mostly available on high-end phones.
3. Plug-in headset starts the media player.
4. Auto brightness adjustment.
5. Tasks for security purpose such as automatically starting loud sounds, taking serial snaps, send location through SMS and other. e.g. once you send a particular SMS, a phone will do all above things so that user gets the idea about his phone which might have lost or stolen.
6. Expense Tracker, using which one can track his/her expenses all the time.
7. Shake to launch WhatsApp.
8. Auto reply through SMS while on fast riding.
9. Turn auto lock off, while you are in your wi-fi range.
There are also other better apps which include AutomateIt, Atooma which works similar to Tasker app.
10. Go to Airplane mode in a night, still, connect at some intervals to grab incoming messages.
11. Play your favorite song collection as an alarm.
12. Set "Face down quite mode"
13. Set wi-fi, bluetooth, GPS, camera to 'ON' on particular app events.

You can think of almost anything with this app. Just have an idea in your mind and Tasker can handle it. Which one is your favorite? Share here in comments.

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