Best Sites for Earning through Surveys
Over last few years, the importance of surveys has played a vital role in analysis, new launch, improvements and much more. These are some of the highest paying legitimate paid survey sites collected after several hours research. It may not be possible for you to try each of the new sites and see if one is really worth.

Sometimes these surveys take a long time and you may feel bored till they complete, but that's the hard work part. Other than that, much of the survey work is pretty interesting and learning experience. For this, you can always limit on your side and keep a balance with your time investment and money they offer.

With a regular input and good consistency, you can actually earn good amount through your analytical and basic skills. With these, you can actually make around $500+ each month.

We are listing here some of the best legitimate survey sites available online.

Opinion Outpost

Most of the surveys are related to public, local business, and government polling. Click here to Join Opinion Outpost FREE

VIP Voice (NPD Online)

It is a pretty interesting site. Not only they will pay you enough for taking those surveys, you can also get gift cards, vacations trips, and gadgets. There is also a $25 free reward survey which you may hunt for. Click here to Join FREE


They will give $5 for just joining their site. Plus there are number ways to earn extra cash. You can redeem your earned points through any of online e-commerce site such as Amazon. Click here to Join SwagBucks FREE


It is the easiest way to earn points and free gifts. It is one of the largest online reward programs. You earn virtual points which can be converted to cash and gifts. Click here to Join FREE


This site is good and provides surveys on various mix topics. You can bank your earnings on your VISA card. Click here to Join MyView


Many surveys, easy points to earn. Later you can redeem all of them through famous e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Walmart etc. Click here to Join FREE


This site is best for those who love fun on work. It's a friendly survey site. CashCrate also offers a generous multi-tiered referral program. Click here to Join CashCrate FREE

Inbox Dollars

Most of the time you will get paid for trial offers on websites. There are also short regular surveys available on a routine basis. Click here to Join InboxDollars


This site will actually pay you for your honest review and opinion. These surveys are also available on mobile site on your smartphone. Click here to Join FREE


Surveys and Polls, this site is a great option for short surveys and polls. You can also create your own short/long surveys and get results from various demographics. You can do free market research using their user database. Click here to Join FREE

Ipsos Panel

They are famous for political surveys. For few minutes work you will get around 2-3$ reward. You can also earn points which can be redeemed for Gift cards or Paypal etc. Click here to Join Ipsos Panel FREE


The site claims to have paid more than 3 Crore Dollars since 1999. You will quickly complete surveys because of an easy interface. But make sure not to hurry with your opinions, as they will block account for random clicks. They also have affiliate programs which will help you earn more through your sites. There is also an Android App available. Click here to Join GlobalTestMarket FREE

Pinecone Research

The cost of the each survey is pretty handsome. Around 3$ is a basic price for an average survey. If you are looking for good cash for your valuable time, this site is a good option. Click here to Join Pinecone Research FREE


They will give you BUX points for completing each of the surveys. You can, later on, redeem them to earn cash. Click here to Join Hotspex


Get products on your doorstep and also get paid for review them. Thes products come from those leading brands from all over the globe. Depending upon your location, you will get an opportunity. Most of the times they will let you keep those products. Click here to Join Toluna Want to Create your own survey? Click Here


It is a market research site with online community which provides consumers and business professionals to give their opinions with good returns. Click here to Join FREE

Springboard America

Once you give feedback on new ideas or review a new product you get cash. Once you signup you are eligible for lucky win $1,000 price. Click here to Join


ClixSense is get paid to (GPT) site which helps you earn rewards for visiting websites, doing tasks, shopping, and answering surveys. There are more than 5 million members and they have paid more than $15 Million through payments. Click here to Join ClixSense


Pureprofile help you earn through paid surveys, cool insights, and content matched to you. The surveys mostly relate to your own habits, lifestyle likings, and interests. It's fun and logical answering surveys. Click here to Join Pureprofile Survey Panel


Legerweb is a leading Canadian-owned market research company which offers polling surveys. It is among the largest opinion panels in Canada. Most of the surveys range between 5 to 10 minutes and pays around 1$ or more. Click here to join Legerweb Survey Panel

Harris Poll Online (USA & CA) (Market Research Company)

This poll is run by  Nilsen Company so its trusted for sure. There is not a limit for survey price. It can even go around $100 per survey. Click here to Join Harris Poll Online for FREE


Unfortunately, iThinkPanel is closed on March 2016. For any assistance please contact, Click here to join iThinkPanel

Vindale Research

It is one of the great survey sites. Usually they will pay your $1 - $5 depending upon type and length of survey. You will also get some random opportunities to review a website or a book for higher benifits $30 to $100.

Vindale has over 1.5 Million members joined till date. Click here to Join Vindale


Earn some extra cash by answering short-easy surveys. There is still some negative feedback about this site. But in our opinion the overall reputation of this survey site is good. Click here to join

Valued Opinions Survey

This is another great and easy survey panel available. You can instantly send your surveys online. It has $10 payout with available for just 13+ years old. Click here to Join FREE

YourWord Survey

It is new product review survey. You will get dollars for answering surveys, but wait, you won't get actual cash on PayPal but worth gift cards. The best part is even if you try a long survey half, they will still pay you 0.25 cents for just trying! Click here to Join FREE

Fusion Cash (US Residents only)

Fusion Cash has recently gained huge popularity due to its consistancy and trust. Although it is one of the less known panels, their survey schemes are quite attractive. You will also be paid for watching videos, shoping, small tasks and searching web etc. Click here to Join Fusion Cash

Miscellaneous Survey Panels


Panelbase is UK's most admired research panel and offers online sample, scripting & tabulation and concept testing services. Click here to Join FREE

Pinecone Research (Invite Only)

You will be lucky to get these surveys as they are for invites only. They will pay you almost 3 Euros per survey. Their surveys are quite longer and take time to complete. Click here to Join FREE

New Vista Live

It's a market research company taking online surveys related to a variety of research projects. They pay average 1 Euro for each survey. Their minimum payout is 50 Euros. Click here to Join FREE


Hiving provides good referral scheme and pays you 50 points for every survey. Their minimum payout is 4 Euros (4000 points). Click here to Join


It has excellent mobile compatibility and has multiple payout possibilities. They have great Android and iOS app. They also offer you gift cards, airline credits and much more. The average price per survey is around 1.70 Euros. Click here to Join iPoll FREE


It is a great site which provides surveys on consumer products. Their average pay per survey is 1.50 Euro. Click here to Join FREE


It is big UK survey site which takes surveys on stats to the press and current affairs programs. Their average price per survey is 2 Euro. Your profile must be good enough to get maximum survey opportunities. Click here to Join FREE


Onepoll is best known for short and quick surveys about all general topics. Their average pay is 1 Euro. It is one of the early survey sites and worked pretty well for years. Click here to Join OnePoll

Survey Bods

Around 10 minutes survey can pay you around 3 Euros. Their bots keep seeing who is putting fake ticks, so be careful. This is more or less challenging survey sites. Three wrong surveys and they will block your account. So be honest and earn well. Click here to Join Survey Bods


This survey site focuses more on social issues and general interest topics. You will be paid around 3 Euros for completing each survey. It is a very interesting site. Click here to Join YouGov FREE

Some of the Basic but important tips

Be honest while answering surveys, because if their system found your random inputs, your account may be deleted.

Check your email regularly, most of the good surveys comes on email at any point of the day. Most of the times there is a limit on how many people can take the survey therefore immediately you take the survey better you get a chance to participate. 

Keep your computer updated with java and flash plugins, sometimes they are absolutely necessary to load those things on web pages.
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