I have Problems with my Events in Android Calendar
If you are using a calendar for managing events, you might come across situations where you won't see them properly or your phone data is not syncing at all with a calendar app. These tips will help you get rid of all those problems and enhance your calendar experience for planning events. 

#Tip 1 Missing Events/Calendars

Make sure you see the event, if not you can go to Menu and see if all the events are listed there. If it still not available, try to add a new event and wait for data propagates.

#Tip 2 Wait for Sync

Make sure you sync your Google calendars with Android in phone settings. You can go to Android Settings > Sync > Calendar. Wait till sync completes.

#Tip 3 Clear App Cache

If your calendars are visible but not events, then there must be some sync error in a phone. Make sure to clear cache/data by going to Android Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All Applications > Calendar and clear cache.

Although it will clear your device data, all the events and calendars must have been stored on Google servers. Wait for the new sync and they must appear.

#Tip 4 Allow Permissions in ROMs

Sometimes ROMs keep permissions OFF by default. You need to ensure that ROMs have granted permissions while an app is installed. Make sure your calendar app has permission to read the phone's database.

#Tip 5 Enable Scrollable Mode in Launchers

Make sure to enable scrollable mode in the Launcher Settings in ADW or Launcherpro.

#Tip 6 Apps Mismatch & Devices

Some custom calendar apps don't work properly with Pure Calendar widget. To resolve this, try to find sources using the same app & device and working nicely. They will help you instantly. e.g. MyTouch 3G Slide ROM doesn't work properly with FriendStream. The trick is to disable the FriendStream background sync.

#Tip 7 - Read Hours of Events from an Android Calendar

StackOverflow has an excellent discussion which will help you use the script developed by Radu Gabriel. You can easily calculate total hours for events.

#Tip 8 Use smartly with other Apps

Pure Calendar also works well with Astrid Task and Task manager. It can combine features of Pure Grid and Pure Calendar to have a better use. The pure grid shows just a month and Pure calendar widget shows you an 'agenda' view. The combination can help users have better insights on their plans. Download Astrid Task/Todo List here.

#Tip 9 Use additional scripts to bring selective results

If you are an advance events planner and need more help on planning your calendar there are cool scripts available. Kiril Stanoev has written excellent codes for advance users on telerik site.

With this, one can display the android device's calendar events in custom Apps using easy snippets.

It will help you get features such as 'read appointments from device calendar', 'events for a specific user', 'events from multiple calendars', limitations on events being displayed', 'executing custom queries' and much more.

#Tip 10 Creating Events to suit various Time Zones

Some people may have come across a situation where they are about to travel to other countries and having plans/meetings there. Creating events considering time zones is a tedious task. 

Instead, Google Calender will help you automatically convert your current time to suit other parts. If you are creating an event, there is a Quick Add box (can access by just hitting 'q'), Just type in your event description, time and add time zone right after it. Google Calender will take care of the rest. 

If you have any problem with your android calendar app, discuss here in comments.

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