How to - Screen Capture in Windows 8 Metro Mode
You must have seen a 'snipping tool' in windows 7 which is a tiny program, easy to launch at any time. The user can capture the whole screen or selected part using this tool. 

But in Windows 8, if a user tries to launch snipping tool, it opens in classic desktop mode. 

So, How to take screenshots of Menus or Open work in Metro mode?

Just type 'snipping tool' on the start screen. While it takes you to popup asking it opening in desktop mode, hit cancel, but do not close the program. 

Just proceed as a normal way and look for anything which you want to take a screenshot, such as open form, page or anything. 

Now press ctrl + PrntScr key to capture a screenshot. Windows 8 will try to switch back to desktop mode and immediately turn to Metro mode.

Now draw a rectangular selection of whatever you want in a screenshot and complete the step. You can choose among options such as rectangular, full screen or a window. After it takes the screenshot, it will go to desktop mode again and ask you do any edits before saving to image file. The default is png.

In short, launching the snipping tool - canceling it for desktop - using ctrl + PrntScr key to capture screenshot - do edit in desktop mode and save in png. That's it.

Limitations - One can not take a screenshot of a web page if it is longer than the screen and requires scroll down.

For such screenshots, you need to use third-party software or browser add-ons such as FireShot which is suitable on both Firefox and Chrome as well as on IE.

You may also need to record screen videos for your project work or making a guide on youtube. There are plenty of screen recorders are available such as screen-o-matic, CamStudio, RecordPad (Audio recorder) and few more to count. 

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