Google Apps for Work - Get your Own Company Email using Gmail
It's pretty easier now to have your own business email rather than just a Gmail or yahoo one. Especially when you are running your own website or blog. This will certainly advertise your website or brand through your communications as well and certainly increase brand value. The way I did recently to create my own emails address as was not that difficult. You can also create a group email. 

Google Apps provide easy email setup where you can create your own username followed by your domain. Then all you need to do is to setup your MX records to use your own email with Gmail. It does not use POP to collect your mail but initiates your emails to arrive at personal domains and utilize Google's servers. 

Even though most of the web hosts provide email account with their domain, most of the time handling them is a headache. Why? Thy will force you to use a client on your computer or you will need to setup a mail forwarding system which is again cumbersome. The best solution is to use the world's fastest Google Servers with their free Apps.

Getting Your Own Domain 

To get a domain name, which will be your own '' you need domain hosting plan. You can register the domain with a domain registrar, such as Dreamhost, 1&1, GoDaddy, Name etc. See here "select custom web hosting"

Most DNS registrars will give your DNS servers (such as Namecheap) but you can also go for some better options such as Google (Partnering with GoDaddy and eNOM).

There you will need to edit the MX Records and CNAME Records on domain setting page. 

MX Records specifies which mail server is going to be used by your new domain and CNAME records plays the role as to access the webmail and other Google services.

Setting up Google Apps for Business

Sign up on Google Apps for Business here. (Don't worry you don't have to pay here). You can use your current running Gmail email. Next is to enter your domain carefully on which you want to create your new email. 

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Once you complete the sign-up a process, next is to setup you account information. This will be your own new email address. Once complete, you will finish the process and have Google Apps account registered with your own email just created.

On the admin control panel, you will be asked to confirm your own domain authority. Just select the box to complete the process.

Verify your Domain Ownership

Once you click on "Confirm that you own the domain" you will be taken to a page that includes HTML verification file. You need to upload this file to your web server. 

All you need is an FTP access on your web domain server for uploading this file. (If you are new here See how to use a free FTP client. 

Upload this file to publically accessible folder. (Very Important)

Now open this file in a browser to ensure that it is uploaded properly. It will say google-site-verification blah blah... There you are.

Once complete, you will be notified with message that 'your domain was successfully verified'

Another way to confirm your ownership is to add Meta Tags to your Site

You can also add meta tags to your site. For WordPress, you can open the theme editor, find header and put the meta tag on the top.

Other method includes creating TXT record on your DNS. From your Domain Setting panel go to cPanel and choose Advanced DNS Zone Editor and enter txt data provided by Google.

Ensure the entry at the bottom of DNS record.Once Completed, you will get a congratulations message.

Using Mail Exchange Program

This will ensure a new mail will be directed from your new domain to Google servers. If you don't do this properly your emails will be stuck at your web host and will not arrive at Google Apps.

Most of the web hosts use c-Panel. (you will need to go to your site settings depending upon your hosts to edit MX records)

Just go to Contact your web host service center, if you forget the login information. 

Now click on MX Entry icon and look for a domain in a drop down menu. The first option is Email Routing. Select Remote Mail Exchanger, scroll down and select value '1' in Priority field and ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM in Destination field. Now click on Add New record. 

Edit your existing MX Record to Priority value to 15 by, for this click Edit in Actions menu. This completes the procedure.

To confirm, send and test email to your Google App email. 

Notes: If you are not using cPanel, all you need to do is to find your MX recorders settings and its editing method. Enter MX records as per Google Apps records. And edit default MX priority to be deleted or to have a higher number as we done above. It is preferred to change the value so that if your want to enable it again it would be easy. 

Editing MX values with your web host panel could be a tricky part. You can have easy chat with your current host provider online to know instantly what to enter and save.

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