Will Samsung go Far Ahead of Apple with New Galaxy Note 8?
Since the fire issue has gone viral and yet more pieces reported to have burned, Samsung have discontinued their production for Galaxy Note 7. There is a news that Samsung is building their brand trust with giving statement for replacement of Note 7 with new device. Samsung will launch New Galaxy Note 8 smartphone at MMC in 26 February 2017, till the time you can read what Samsung originally offered with Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung has been heavily criticized for stealing Apple's ideas all the time, but how to create a different device which has an exact similar function of all the devices? The answer is to stay competing with features and that's Samsung did over few years. Note 7 is the finest design Samsung have ever produced.

Samsung's lead designer Hong Yeo recently interviewed by Tech Insider with new Galaxy Note 7. S6 had his first design came into the market and earned a lot of applauds. 

Samsung unveiled Galaxy Note 7 in New York in a special event. It was a 5.7 Inch Phablet with curved edge display. It had a fantastic dual-curved screen with 1440x2560p, ~518 PPI density which looks even more stunning. Note 7 had an amazing combination of metal and glass. Its symmetrical display curves were eye catching. With such a massive display and thin bezel, Note 7 represented a design masterpiece. Wait, you will see similar features in Galaxy Note 8 by Feb. 2017.

The company also Confirmed a variant of Galaxy Note 7 with 6GB RAM & 128GB Storage as China Exclusive. It's a previously leaked and rumored Galaxy Note 7 variant with 128GB of onboard storage and 6GB RAM will be released only in china. 

The phone was actually smaller than some of the competitor's devices including iPhone 6S plus, Nexus 6P and Note 5. Taking about its S-pen, it was really an advance tool available for artists and designers. It was pretty impressive with a capability to magnify parts of an image so that one can focus more on the brief details. Using s-pen one can switch between multiple apps, translate text using google's translate service. 

Galaxy Note 7 recently supplied with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow onboard. The company also confirmed Android 7.0 Nougat Update schedule within 2-3 months.

Samsung's next big thing will be Samsung Galaxy S8 which will hit the market in early 2017. Galaxy X is also a new device which Samsung will bring in the market with completely flexible displays. One will actually fold and flex these devices. But that's a future part!

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 - Design & Built (Old story)

It looks like bigger S7 Edge. The phone holds an S-pen stylus at a bottom cavity which gives a writing ballpoint experience. Just like S7, new Note 7 is IP68 certified with water and dust resistant. It is just 7.9mm in thick with 168g weight. 

Note 7 has a fingerprint scanner and also an iris scanner built on phone's frontage. Iris uses infrared technology so that it can even work in low light conditions. This help user to use their eyes for unlocking the phone. It is similar to a biometric security system. The device supports Type-C USB with quick charge and 64GB onboard storage. With microSD support, one can extend the storage up to massive 256GB. (Still, it does not include UFS format)

The phone is powered by powerful Octa-core processor (Qualcomm's Snapdragon 820 processor) with Exynos 8890 Octa chipset and 4GB RAM. Buy on Amazon

Software and Interface (Obsolete Copy)

There is a custom UI on the top of latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. It has fabulous stylus includes pressure sensitivity to writing with amazing handwriting-to-text recognition and built in cut, copy and paste functions.

There are three more functions included in Air command as Translate, Magnify, and Glance. Looking at a camera phone has powerful 12Mp primary and 5Mp secondary camera. The phone comes with enough 3500 mAh battery support which is well balanced with advanced software and hardware support. 

Comparison Chart for Galaxy Note 7 Vs Apple's Latest iPhone 6S Plus

Galaxy Note 7
Apple iPhone 6s Plus
5.7 Inch
5.5 Inch
2560x 1440
Exynos 8893
Apple A9
Rear Camera
12 Mp
12 Mp
Front Camera
5 Mp
5 Mp
4 GB
2 GB
64 GB
16/64/128 GB
3500 mAh
2915 mAh
Water Resistance
S-Pen, Iris Scanner, Fingerprint Scanner, USB Type-C
Fingerprint Scanner only

It has a price tag of $850 worldwide with various plans available. Go ahead and get your Galaxy Note 7.

Competition with Apple  (I think Apple is best now)

Note 7 would have competed with Apple iPhone 6 and 7 in terms of display size and resolution. There is a large difference in terms of cost. Even if Apple brings something like 5.5 Inch retina display with their upcoming 7 series, it won't match with what Samsung is offering right now. Again, a cost of the devices will remain much higher and unmatched. Its a real bad news for Samsung to discontinue such a marvelous product, Still bad things keep happening in digital world and lets hope for Galaxy Note 8 with yet another exciting features.

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