Great Remote Tools to Access Your Smartphone and PC
Remote Assistance is largely accepted worldwide as Computers and Devices can be easily accessed from an Administrator's location directly. Whether it is office or a home network, everyone needs assistance and these advanced apps will help you do so quickly solving your day to day difficulties. 

TeamViewer QuickSupport - Access your Android device from anywhere

TeamViewer QuickSupport is an amazing software, free for personal use, with which one can take a remote control of any authorized Android device from a Windows computer. This software will surely help many people solve their Android issues without giving their phones to other's hands. Just allow remote access to someone in front of you and, similar to TeamViewer, they will solve your issues. 

This article will guide you setup TeamViewer on both Android Device as well on PC and teach you some basic functions.

To get started, you will have to install the TeamViewer QuickSupport on your Android device and the TeamViewer app for Windows on your computer. Then you will need to log in with your account details. 

Some devices need additional add-ons to be installed to work it properly. Once installed, run and wait till initial setup finishes. 

After started, a system will generate Unique ID which can be used as a key to get remote access. One need to enter this key into TeamViewer Windows desktop app and securely start the remote action. 

Make sure both the devices are connected to the internet and the QuickSupport app is running on the device to create a successful connection.

Once you are ready, click on the remote control tab on the top left corner of the screen to establish a remote connection. Android user may have to allow many permissions to safely enable their device access.

GoToMyPC - Remote desktop access from any device

This new online initiative has come up with great utility which enables easy remote desktop access from any device. It is easy to use and offers free 30 days access.

Chrome Remote Desktop - Access your PC from anywhere

If you want to remotely access your computer from your Android Device or tablet, it is easily possible now using chrome remote desktop application. Google's Chrome remote desktop app is free and solves all the purpose. Within seconds you can actually operate your PC from your device from any location. 

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Using which you can edit folders, files, run programs and do anything. It is similar to TeamViewer Remote access app.


Now transfer files over wi-fi between device and PC easily. Its web interface will allow you access files smoothly. AirDroid is one of the famous remote tool available right now in the market. 
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It streams anything from your PC to android device. It does not require the transfer of files, it directly streams the files over the internet.

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Splashtop 2 - Access PC from an Android phone

It is yet another tool which does the same purpose. It helps a user to access authorized PC with an Android phone. Within the device screen, you can actually access your PC files such as music, videos and much more. At an easy price tag, $1.99 this app is also great for streaming over the internet again with faster frame rate.

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Mobizen - Access Android device on your PC

It is great to access your Android device on your PC. It allows handling of files in any way. Kind of an easy option.

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MightyText - Now get rid of annoying typing on your device, sync texts through PC

Sometimes it is boring to type long messages on the device, especially emails. MightyText will help you sync. texts from PC to the phone easily and whola! work done.

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Using a cool app called Message Beam, one can transfer copied text/links directly to and from device/PC. It is amazing, especially you are on one platform and looking for same information on other platform say phone. See here on xda.developers forum

Wrapping Up,

TeamViewer Quicksupport is an amazing app to get help or help someone with remotely accessing their devices. It is a need for today and many are benefiting from it. If you are looking for some help with Android device, this app will surely solve your purpose. 

Whereas Chrome Remote Desktop app is an amazing way to access your PC from anywhere you are located. Both apps work well over an internet connection and does not need much software knowledge.

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