LG OLED55C6 - Superior OLED Smart TV from LG 2016 (Smartsheet)
LG is well known for their amazing LCD series and in 2016 CES (Consumer Electronic Show) their new OLED range just blew us away with superior display quality and amazing specifications. If you like watching HD, LG is for you. And after reading this review you will be well convinced to get one. This time, we are really impressed with LG OLED C6.

OLED55C6 : It is similar to their previous higher range B6 series but has curved screen and supports 3D. It has a massive 55 Inch display with the most affordable price range in 4k series in new OLED range. This time, a display has 8 Million pixels on it and LG has managed to control each of them. The depth of picture quality is absolutely stunning and hard to describe in words. 

LG C6 supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) making it easily manage color balance and darks flawlessly. It also comes with two sets of 3D Glasses to give you 3D watching experience. Mobile sync is a great option using which one can tether videos directly to TV. 

Some of the amazing features of LG OLED55C6

image credit: lg.com
Unveiled at CES 2016 LG have come up with some of the amazing features in TV market with the high-quality 4K OLED display. Its full specifications are as follows.

Huge with 55 Inches measured diagonally

Supports 3D while the B6 models fail

Native 4K/UHD resolution

HDR 10 and Dolby Vision HDR support with 40 Watts Speakers through 4 Channels.

WebOS 3.0 Smart System

Multimedia playback from DLNA supported

Exactly similar picture quality compared to expensive E6 and G6 siblings

Supports Freeview Play catch-up service (to support on demand 'big four' UK)

webOS smart TV engine comes with latest Netflix and Amazon streaming apps
Supports 4K and HDR features

Supports both 4K and HDR playback as well as open HDR 10 standard

The only brand to support Dolby Vision in the UK

LG OLED displays are capable of displaying 99% of the DCI-P3 colour spectrum (referenced by the Ultra HD Premium Standards)

High levels of brightness are achieved as per picture requirement.

As individual pixels produce their own light, bright peaks look really bright on the screen parts creating more brief picture experience.

It's amazingly thin considering its bezel and rear depth.
Thin silver pedestal mount makes it appear like floating

Deep Black levels are achieved where they are required on the screen which is a promising feature of OLED technology.

Handsome price tag around $2500 as of review date.

Buy on Amazon 55" Model & 65" Model


Pixels of glass effect on 'Signature G6 OLED' is more attractive.

The absence of large audio output makes it deliver less satisfaction for the particular customers when compared to other G6 and E6 models.


With LG's new OLED series in you living room, you will get amazing TV watching experience again with easy content streaming through smartphones. A picture quality can not be compared with anything right now in the market making it a unique choice at a whatsoever price tag. 

Brilliant Display technology, digital Dolby sound support, a great design built and 3D capabilities are some of the unique features LG offers this time. 


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