Logitech's Latest G9 Racing Wheel (With Force Feedback) Full Review
A gaming controller is a need for many game lovers. And there is no reason why it should not be. If you like a speed, racing wheels are made for you! Imagine a ride at 200 miles per hour with sitting with an actual racing wheel. Isn't it amazing?A combination of trigger button gives an amazing feel of real fuel and braking systems. An analog display is just great to guide through the racing highway. You can also use manual gears to shift up and down to control speed and there are also clutch pedals available for this reason. 

You will just be fascinated to use real wheel instead of conventional controllers and get a real feel of car driving. 

Logitech G29, yes you heard correct. The latest racing wheel from one of the top brand in the market. Its a new generation console with advanced design to support Playstation 4 controllers. still, there are some drawbacks which may sound annoying to expert users. However, G9 is very close to giving you a real racing experience.


G9 isn't just a plastic wheel. It is made up of a hard rubber like material which is great for a firm grip while you drive. There is also a sturdy leather coating which makes it even firmer. Its spokes are made up of aluminum which gives it a great stability while driving. 

Behind the wheels, there are a pedal shifters which are made up of brushed stainless steel. The footrest is also provided to give you more comfort while your foot may feel like sleep while clutch, gas and brake pedals are on idle.

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Overall G9 built is just amazing to give you real racing feel. PlayStation Controller buttons are present in the middle part of wheel give you more precise control over directions. There are also Share, Options, and PS buttons present at the bottom of the wheel.

Additional Plus and minus buttons are made available to adjust the changes while you are on the high-speed runway. Fabulous illuminating lights will guide you for changing gears while you are on track. 

Whether it is PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or even a PC, G9 works flawlessly with anything. There is a switch for it made just toggles for these options. USB wires particularly for connecting wheel, pedals, PS3 or PS4 or PC and last one for power must be connected properly to fire up the device. Don't worry, all these wires won't scrumble on you, as there is a space made especially around the unit. They will occupy all the tangle.

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Games to Play for sure

Driverclub for PlayStation 4 and Project Cars on PC are must be mentioned. Other best options to play include Forza Motorsport 6 and Dirt Rally. One need to properly do the wheel settings to start playing. Project Cars has more precise settings for G9 compared to Driverclub. 

To, even more, customize features such as rotation angle, wheel assist, vibration strength, a strength of force feedback can be adjusted precisely. Buttons also have different settings. 

One can actually adjust the sensitivity of wheel with sliders in settings making it suitable for every type of driver.

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Force Feedback is an amazing feature, which allows a user to feel the bump and turns from the wheels. If you go off the track on a rough way, the controller will actually give you the shake feel. Every time you press pedals, it will give a click which feels amazing. The overall wheel experience will never match with a normal gamepad.

Fighting with rival racer is much of a fun but the slightest mistake at the speedy track can cost a driver lot and take the wheel locking into place. 

Overall, one can precisely control the car on the road and enjoy every bit of a racing. As this new wheel can turn almost up to 900 degrees technically, it is not necessary to do this at all. Even a tight turn can be made with just 90 deg. spin with modified controls through settings. 

image credit: logitech.com
Talking about pedals, they are just enough to feel the real. It has a robust design and gives you a full satisfaction of complete driving. You can also adjust the pedal faces left or right with 2.5mm hex key. If you want to use the clutch, you will need to pay additional around 60 bucks for it. But it's not necessary. 

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Attractive Features

The definitive SIM racing wheel for Xbox one also a realistic steering and pedal action for latest games.

Durable Solid steel ball bearings, stainless steel pedals, and hand stitched leather wheel grip. 
Dual-motor Force Feedback - Amazing simulation experience with smooth and quiet helical gearing.
Easy D-pad, console buttons and paddle shifters with actual feel.

image credit: logitech.com
Bottom Line

Logitech G9 Gaming Wheel is a serious matter for gamers. Whether you have a console or high-end PC, you can surely buy this product and start exploring it. Around a heavy price tag of $399.99, G9 is worth going for. We would say, not going for G9 could be a serious mistake. Logitech has taken very seriously while designing this wheel and it is really that sturdy and comfortable.

Real Racing career is a costly matter. If you can practice racing at your home, you will make it good enough to challenge the real one. Thanks to Logitech to bring such a near-to-perfect device in the market keeping a little bit of a more price tag but with promising features. 

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