PDF to Excel - A Must-Have App for Excel Users
MS Excel is a very popular file format when it comes to data management. It’s not a surprise given that this tool offers effective and convenient data entry, data analysis, different kinds of calculations and much more. It’s an essential program for every office administrator, salesman, financial analyst and anyone who works with figures and spreadsheets on a daily basis. So in order to be more productive and make their work life easier, they are already familiar with this useful tool and have become Excel professionals.

On the other hand, not all information is expressed in Excel file format. Very often spreadsheets are saved as PDF document due to its steadfast nature. It’s the safest way to preserve important and valuable data. So, what to do in case you need to immediately reuse your old tables in PDF or urgently make some changes on existing PDF charts? That’s not an unusual occurrence since there are many businessmen handling their everyday task on the fly.   

In that case, when you are out of the office and left only to your smartphone, there is a useful app that can do the work. PDF to Excel converts efficiently PDF tables into editable MS Excel spreadsheets on mobile devices. Besides, this is a free app and there are many helpful features for busy professionals on the go:

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It’s possible to convert Gmail attachments directly from the app
It’s possible to convert files from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box and OneDrive within the app
Scanned tables can be converted too
No limits on file size or number of converted files

In addition, PDF to Excel has a very clean design and just in a few easy steps you can convert your document.

Step 1

Choose a file you wish to convert from your storage place.

Step 2

Tap on the Share button and after finding PDF to Excel in the OPEN IN menu, click on it. The converted document will be placed in the same folder where the original file is. Likewise, the conversion time depends on your Internet connection, on the file size and how busy the servers are.

Step 3

In order to work on your converted file, you’ll need an app that opens MS Excel files.

And that would be all. Now you are a real Excel pro who is able to deal with different spreadsheets on every device and anytime.

You can download PDF to Excel here - iOS and Android Version.

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