How to Save Any Photo on iPhone in MS-Word Format
Since the rise of Instagram and similar websites that use images as their main source of content, photos have become increasingly more and more precise and clear-cut. Today, you can take a screenshot of your phone or tablet and with a simple app called "Image to Word convert almost any photo to MS word and edit its text and other types of content. 

Remember all those times when you had to miss school and then copy notes from the previous class? Well, this app will scan, convert and save the files on your phone in no time. 

Here are some of the traits Image to Word has to offer: 
  • There are no limits to image size or the quantity of images you can convert which means this app will do work for you anytime you need it.
  • You can convert all types of images, from camera photos, to natural images and screenshots with impeccable quality.
  • The app won’t change the layout of the original file so that you don’t have to further edit the document.
  • The new file is in .docx format, which means you can easily search and edit the content.
  • Files are optimized after conversion for instant analysis and viewing.

In order to save the photo as a word file you will have to follow these steps:

1. Select the photo you want to convert by choosing between taking a snap with your camera, or choosing from your photo library:

2. Once you select the photo it will appear on the main screen. As you can see in the photo above, all ongoing and finished conversations are in one spot so that you don’t have to look around too much.

3.Once the file is converted, tap on it to see a preview. Click on the SHARE button in the bottom left corner and select which app you want to use for you new MS Word file. (see photo below)

Make sure you try out Image to Word, you can find it on the AppStore and it’s free to download, so let us know how you feel about it.

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