Ultimate Ways to Make Money with Your WhatsApp
WhatsApp is growing even faster. With it, there are opportunities for people to make some money with link sharing and promoting without many efforts.

As per reports from Investopedia, WhatsApp has a potential to make $1.47 to 2.77 Billion per year by adopting the competition's monetization policies. So, why can't we look some share for us as well? Below are some well-known methods to earn with your WhatsApp.

Using Link-Shortening Services

Every time a shortened link is clicked, a user will see an ad for some time and then directed to an actual site, after it an advertiser will pay you a certain money. It's that simple!

Once you sign up with such link shortening service, you will get options to promote content with shortened links. That's all, start sharing them and earn money.

It is similar to twitter. Describe what link is all about and why someone will spot click on it to see viral content. It could be gifts, tech. gadgets, e-products etc. there are advertisers everywhere.
Most of the high-paid advertisers are from US, UK, Germany and so, you may look at them first.

Join some of the highest paying Link shortening services here and share with WhatsApp Groups/Broadcasts

Shorte.st - It is highest paying shortened link promotion service currently in the market. Just short your link and share them on your social profiles including WhatsApp. Shorte.st will pay you $10.88 per 1000 visits to shortened links.

Ouo.io - It guarantees minimum $1.5 per 1000 visits and even possible $5 per 1000 visits. You can get your payouts via Paypal & Payoneer.

Adf.ly - It is another URL shortener service with attractive pay per view. Adf.ly will pay you $9 per 1000 visits and almost up to 20% on referral commission.

LinkShrink - Will pay you up to 6$ per 1000 visits and can be withdrawn using Paypal and Payza.

Bc.vc - Earn up to $5 per 1000 visits and also earn 20% commission from your referrals.

Blv.me - It is a CPA and Link locking based ad network and pays on user action rather than just view/impression. For every lead user generates, they will pay you max. up to $10. Sound's fascinating. Just go ahead and join.

ad7.biz - One of the highest paying option. Earn up to $6 per 1000 views. Also earn 20% commission on referrals. 

Linkbucks - One of the highest paying URL shortener. Almost over 13 years in the business, Linkbucks offer from $3 to $6 per 1000 views. One can even earn up to $10 for single unlock for downloads through shortened links.

Gca.sh - It is new in the market. Will pay you $2 to $5 per 1000 views. Payment transfer includes Paypal and Wire transfer.

Adyou.me - $3 per 1000 views. You can also make around 20% commission for referrals generated. Its payment options include Paypal, Payoneer, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney and WireTransfer.

Warning, please note you can not use shortened note on all your blog posts, it is harmful and creates issues such as 'problem with requested link error', 'bad effect on your CTR', 'could hurt your business', 'issues with plug-ins and affiliate network settings'.

For your business purpose, you can easily Cloak your links through Domain Redirects and HTML Redirects and retain full control over links. Using a healthy domain manager such as GoDaddy you can easily redirect your affiliate links. It is super easy. For more see this.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is one of the proven fastest ways to earn a commission on sales. People often fear about Affiliate as it seems difficult and blindly believe that 90% or more commissions are gained by top tier sites. Although it is true, with your sales pitch and great content you can actually achieve a great target. 

If you promote such content through WhatsApp, advertisers will surely give your benefits.

Amazon is probably the best affiliate program to start with. For this content must have good traffic and you must be able to promote it faster. 

An attractive description will attract visitors to go to the links and buy products. So, look for best paying affiliate which will suite your friends and WhatsApp network and start promoting. 

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PPD Networks

Similar link sharing method, in which you will be paid once someone downloads through your promoted links. PPD stands for Pay Per Download. 

But before one start downloading, they will be asked to complete a small survey or task.

Click here to explore best PPD Networks available to start.

Countries such as USA, UK pay highest for their downloads, so look for them instantly and start earning. 

More people on your WhatsApp list means more you can reach deeply with your link promotion. So start growing your group members before firing your new  plan.

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Business Ideas ...

Siddarth Nair (Asst. Vp at Tech Mahindra) explains a potential marketing plan for WhatsApp for making money. One of it includes creating Transaction Platform. In this retailers can open up communities where interested users can join. Best examples would be Amazon, Flipkart etc. Users will only get updates from the products they might be interested in. They will click on them and proceed to close the transaction if needed. 

Faster Recruitment - Recruiters can now look for employees data on social sites easily and can communicate instantly with platforms such as WhatsApp call. Once a user is interested in a job posting, they will have the option to take the communication further using WhatsApp platform.

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