You Can Actually Install EXE files on Your Android Smartphone
Executable files make life easier. You don't need to know anything about them and the program works well all the time. This is a file user clicks to enter into any said application. But, have you imagined to run such Exe file on your Android device? 

There are limitations on such files on Android and few cases such as old games or small programs can be run using controls on Android. Certainly, you won't be able to install something like famous CounterStrike on your Android but surely some of the other small games and utilities.

Install EXE files on Your Android

1. Using a DOS BOX

It is an app which opens up with a command line on your Android phone. It is similar to MS-DOS for windows. There are many such command prompts available on Google play store but, this one is cool.

Just download this app on your device. Keep the exe file in the root folder of your phone and name accordingly, says 'arcademario'. 

Now run the DOS BOX app and type in "cd\arcademario" without worrying about its cases. and if the file is workable, your game will most likely to run. Not always but most of the time.

2. Using Inno Setup Extractor

Using this simple app, you can easily head forward to run your exe files on your Android phone. Click on the above link to download Inno Setup Extractor.

Just download the app and install it. Place your exe files on your Android device. Open the app and try to use the app and follow the easy instructions. Inno will easily extract the files and will let you know about the results.

These are the trial and error methods to use exe programs on your Android device. There is no guarantee that all your attempts will give results but you can surely play. Mostly these app works well but is most suitable for advanced Android and Windows users.

3. For Windows Pro users
Using Virtual Network Computing. 

If you well versed with programming, you can actually do this using your windows-based pc. RealVNC, TightVNC, and UltraVNC are some of the servers that run windows computers and you can modify the IP and port settings to work with your exe files on your Android platform. Here is a link to article on Chron

4. Using Exe to APK Converter Tool

Rehman sk - a Tech author at Alltechfeed have developed a great tool called 'Exe File to Apk' which will give you instant results. 

You can also install full windows on your Android device using this tool. Moreover, if you want to run some important programs on your Android for professional work, this tool will surely help you. Here is a link to download "Exe to Apk file Converter"

Let us know in comments how it worked for you.

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