New Alexa Skill Adds Voice Control to Logitech's Harmony Hub
There are plenty of voice controlled devices available such as Alexa Echo Dot, Vpcca Light, Moto Hint, IFTTT (if this then that), Samsung Smart TV, Lifx lights etc. and with your voice commands, you can control the entire future tech.

Logitech's Harmony Hub is now supported with Alexa's new skills with which, you can access thousands of those smart devices, according to Business wire

New Harmony skills will help you access many activities with your voice commands registered on Harmony Hub. The overall setup of skills are as easy as navigating to the Smart Home section of you Alexa app and look for particular skill. 
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 Logitech Harmony Hub
It would be a fun to have your Echo and Echo Dots working nicely with new Harmony skills and you can control much of your smart gadgets like TV, lights etc by simply uttering simple commands. Using Harmony Remote's discover mode you can locate compatible devices. video source: Logitech youtube channel.

Right now without Alexa, you will need to control the activities via a remote button or smartphone apps menus. And now Alexa can add excellent voice controlled commands to Harmony Hub's seamless capabilities. 

Just start the Alexa App on your mobile, go to Menu, select Smart Home, Select Get More Smart Home skills and look for Harmony Hub.The Harmony Hub skill is currently available for U.S. users and will soon be released for UK in coming months.

Logitech Harmony Hub

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Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard
You can use your phone or tablet to control your smart home and simultaneously enjoy your pc games or media hub using this wireless keyboard. Similar to Harmony Ultimate, the Harmony Keyboard works with Harmony Hub to control various devices. See deals 

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