Ultimate Guide to Buy from the Best Smart TVs
If you are planning to buy your smart TV, you probably will get confused with so many options available in the market right now. They include Full HD, 4K, UHD, SUHD with HDR, LCD, LED, and OLEDs. So what are all these types? 

Since most of the best TVs come with higher display sizes, they are worth looking for and you can plan to buy the bigger size only. Today's smart TVs come with as big as average 75 Inch size and depending upon your budget, you can choose from various options, again which fits in your accommodation. 

Approximate pricing for Smart big TVs ranges anywhere between $1000 to $7000. Big players such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Hisense have some of the best products to look for. 

 Samsung's Latest 4k Smart TV

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Curved and Flatscreen - Practically, the curved displays look different and appealing than flatscreens. Technical experts suggest that curved displays are great for better viewing angles.

Full HD - This indicates the number of pixels and resolution on the screen. These have 1920x1080p resolution and have more pixels in per square inch.

4K - In 4K, this ratio is four times higher than Full HD and hence costlier. 4K will give you best sharpness out there but there is a limited amount of content to watch right now and you need Netflix, Amazon Video or paid 4K Blu-rays to enjoy watching. 

HDR and SUHD - HDR stands for 'High Dynamic Range' and mostly used in smartphone displays. In smartphones, when HDR is enabled, a camera takes multiple exposures of a photo and knits them together to give better output. 
Similarly, in TV displays, HDR will give you better color balance and black levels compared to conventional displays. 

Although there is no much content available yet for HDR, future will see more HDR based TVs and Smart Displays. 
As per latest development SUHD (Super Ultra High Definition) displays are the best technology till date. If your TV is UHD certified, you have the best TV in your hands.

LCD, LED and OLEDs - Today, most of the big display flat TVs are either LCD (commonly referred as LEDs) or OLED. Even LCDs come with wide range of pricing depending upon their technology used for backlight panel and processing. On the other hands, 
OLEDs are also one of the latest technology displays which are rich in colors, smooth motion and have perfect contrasts.

Here are our top picks for the Smart TVs available right now in the stores. 


Samsung's Best Smart TVs

Samsung is one of the top players in Display technology world. Their smart TVs are packed with stunning picture quality and latest specs. 

Samsung's SUHD series is one of the best-selling 4K Ultra HD LCD TV right now in the market. These models are future proof with best connectivity options, excellent colors, and come with the highest industry standards. SUHD is the only series from Samsung with is capable of HDR features and come with latest Quantum Dot Color enhancement technology. 

Their 4K Ultra HD TVs come in various classes, those include SUHD premium 4K UHD Tv from 2015 and the 4K UHD 2016 KU-Series 4K TVs followed by previous 2015's JU-Series. Latest 2016 models consist of KS-9 and KS-8 series. 

KS9500 is the curved model while KS9000 is flatscreen. Similarly, KS8500 is the curved one with KS8000 is a flatscreen design. Apart from screen design types, overall features are exactly the same for curved and their similar flat models. 

 Samsung KS9800

For 2016, KU7500 is the curved 4K UHD TV version of its similar KU7000 flat models. There is also same two models with normal slightly lower display versions with same model numbers (KU-NON SUHD). All models other than SUHD are packed with limited HDR for contrasts and peak brightness and hence compromise on those SUHD versions.

Although SUHD's 'S' is more or less a marketing letter, latest 2016 models come with a UHD certification and standards. These HDR specs mean the display brightness levels can go beyond 1100 nits and rich deep black go no brighter than 0.05 nits for full black spaces on the screen. It also includes more than 92% DCI-P3 color space and 10-bit color variation for smoother gradation.

Considering all above aspects, Samsung's 2016 SUHD models are worth looking it as a high-end smart TV. It also uses latest 'Nano Cyrstal Color technology' for creating deeper color richness and vibrant modes.

Not only this, technology including Peak Illuminator, Multizone Full Array Backlighting, Precision Black Technology, Higher Motion Rate, X8 Octa Core processor, X4 Quad core processor, Superior Upscaling engine technology, One connect Mini Box, Tizen Smart Tv platform are some of the key technology features which are worth mentioning.

Considering these, 2016's KS9800 (SUHD TV with full Array LED Backlighting), KS9500 (4K HDR TV), KS9000 (HDR SUHD TV), KS8500 (4K HDR SUHD), KS8000 (4K HDR SUHD) are top choices.

2015's JS9500 (4K smart TV with HDR), JS9000 (Close top-tier 4K UHD TV), JS7100 (Budget SUHD 4K TV) are some not to miss even today.

KU Series 4K 2016 - If higher cost is your issue, KU series 4K smart TVs are worth looking for which comes with edge-lit LED Backlighting, Active Crystal Color tech and many great features. Other KU7000, KU6500, KU6300 are some of the not-to-miss options. 

JU Series 4K TVs 2015 Models - 

This series is for them who want to save money by avoiding high-end SUHD models. JU series is equally good and offer better specs with full-array Backlighting and similar visual specs. It includes JU7500, JU7100.

Overall if you are Smart TV fan, Samsung Smart TVs are probably the best option in terms of hardware, display specs and comparison to others in line.

Samsung UE49KS7000

One of the most affordable UHD Premium choice again with 4K and HDR enabled.

Specs - 4K Resolution, UHD premium certification, HDR, Edge-lit LCD panel, 4xHDMi, Make - Samsung, Sizes available 49, 55, 60 and 65 Inch models. 

Samsung KS7000 is company's entry-level range in Elite SUHD models. Around 1000 dollars, you get the most affordable UHD premium certified Tv again with 4K and HDR capability.

Samsung UE49KS7000

It is great at upscaling and can make 1080p films look stunning even in 4K. Almost the same picture quality with great sound with minimum noise. 

This model has amazing sound quality compared to others out there.

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SAMSUNG 55" KU6500 Series

UN55KU6500 - Curved 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV - 21600p,120MR

Although it lacks some of the best HDR features, at current lower price tag offer, this is a 4K beast (with great upscaling engine). Currently, Walmart is giving a great offer. Samsung is also directly offering great on 60 Inch KU6300 4K UHD TV at a lower price tag of $699.60 only.

Some other best deal to note is Philips 55 Inch Smart 4K TV at around $300. Even eBay is offering a great sale on Samsung S8000 4K TVs for 55 Inch and 65 Inch models. 

 Samsung KU6500

As per BGR report, 50 Inch Hisense 4K TV is available for $249 only on some of the black Friday online deals. But you will need to compromise on its quality at such a lower price tag. 
Vizio TV, a 50 Inch Element 4K for around $300 is another great deal as per Meijer. 

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Samsung KS9800

It's a Samsung's high-end 4K UHD TV featuring stunning picture quality with deep blacks and HDR. With top of the line quantum dot technology, it boosts almost up to a billion color combinations.

The display features a quantum dot technology which is capable of creating a billion different color combinations. On the top of it, KS9800 also support latest HDR technology which is widely used in photography and high-resolution movie world.

 Samsung KS9800

Samsung calls it as 'Ultra High Definition Series' and yes it's true and worth it. It's advanced upscaling engine and backlighting technology is superb and output is awfully brilliant keeping it apart from rest others in the competition.  

KS9800 has a beautiful curved screen and it is powerful and fast enough even when watching sports or action scenes. 

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LG's Best Smart TVs

LG, one of the tech. giant is well known for their televisions from years and now they have armed up for latest Smart TV range with upgraded technology. Their latest OLED models are still the very best 4K Ultra HD TVs in the world. LG features their best-known TV platform through these models. 

However, LG's lower end LCD 4K TVs are slightly disappointing compared to those similar Sony, Samsung and Vizio models. 

Having said that, LG this year came up with superb OLED 4K TV models with stunning display quality and high-end specs. LG's UH9500 HDR and UH8500 are worth noting here.

LG's 2015 4K UHD OLED TVs - It includes EF9500 models.

LG's 2016 Super UHD LCD TVs (SUHD) - This year LG have improved their LCD/LED technology to compete with those high-end brands and models. It features OLED display (Organic light Emitting diode Technology) which still maintains its dominance in the market. 

A specialty of OLED Displays - In this, a display has higher brightness levels which can go above 0.0005 nits and has the ability to cut off a light in individual pixels. Also, can activate full brightness on individual pixels. It can also create 8.3 million illumination and dimming zones on screen and can produce excellent luminance and support a greater degree of realism. 

Some of the features include excellent HDR support, Perfect Black levels, ColorPrime Technology, Tru-4K Upscaler.

LG's 2016 4K UHD OLED TVs

With more upgraded features and display technology LG's this year, models are simply awesome again with all-new webOS 3.0. They offer superior HDR across the board and deliver stunning picture quality. 

LG's 2015 LCD/LED 4K TVs

These models lack quality in competition with other rivals. These models are not worth mentioning here in latest competition.

LG's 2016 LCD/LED Super UHD TVs

With the latest upgrade, LG's current year models come with truly great 4K capabilities and yes, UH7700 is worth mentioning.

Overall two models in LCD range UF8500 and UF9500 ColorPrime are the best deals. Further, EF9500 and EG9600 OLED 4K are the premium select.

Finally, 2016 LG OLED 4K TVs, are some of the best TVs on earth right now. With a new class of HDR, better than in EF9500, boasts superior display features and are flagship G6 signature HDR TV. These models offer amazing 2.5mm thick glass panel screen design and calibration for both HDR10 standards and standards of those used by UHD alliance including latest Dolby Vision HDR.


4K TVs which also supports HDR, Dolby Vision, Perfect Black and Cinematic Color production. With Ultra HD Premium Certifications.

One of the best TV out there in the market today. With much perfect black levels, wide viewing angles, accurate color and brighter picture quality, LG B6 outranks almost every other smart tv in the competition. It supports HDR TV, Dolby Vision, and HDR10. 

 LG's Latest OLEDB6P Series

It is LG's cheapest 4K OLED TV and looks pretty similar to the higher E6 in terms of quality. See similar 55EG9100 and EF9500.

If you are comfortable with high priced models, you can also look for ultra-expensive G6 which also has an amazing rotating sound bar and comes with huge 77 Inch size.  LG's OLED panels are impossibly pencil thin and come with just 0.18 Inch size. 

Features - OLED display technology, no LED backlight, HDR10 and Dolby Vision compatible, Flat screen type, Web OS Smart TV, Motion remote, (No 3D capable)

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Sony's Best Smart TVs

Sony's Display technology is truly amazing at least looking at the sales figures. With superior built and awfully awesome picture quality, Sony becomes undoubtedly one of the premium choices in Smart TVs. 

Considering overall picture quality and price factor, Sony 4K Ultra HD TVs are similar to those Samsung models and quite affordable in the consumer market. 

Sony's 4K UHD TVs falls under 'X-Series' and also branded as 'Bravia' TVs. Sony's 2015 XBR-C series is also widely appreciated through various channels and comprises of following models.

X810C, X830C, X850C, X900C, X930C/X940C, higher the number, higher the specs and prices. 

Sony's 2016 models come with 'D' 'Bravia' branded and consists of the following series. 

X940D, X930D, X850D.

Overall Sony's 4K HDR models have great features including 4K HDR certification, 4K Processor X1, X-Reality Pro Engine, Triluminos Display, Superior Audio technology, X-tended Dynamic Range, Android Smart TV platform.

In comparison with their older 4K TVs, Sony's X-series features much faster performance when it comes to watching sports or fast action videos. Overall Sony's X-Series 4K Tv from 2015 and 2016's X-Series Bravia models are worth looking for. Moreover, XBRX930 and 940D are Sony's finest models till date with full HDR support, full array LED backlighting. 

XBRX900C 4K Smart TV with HDR - Is Sony's best model from 2015 with great HDR support and attractive specs. It has flat panel design. 

Even X850C is Sony's one of the best-selling model of 2015 and even being an older model it is worth looking at instead of latest X850D model.

Sony Z9D 

XBR65Z9D 65 Inch and XBR75Z9D 75 Inch, Z9D is the priciest beast. It's a real flagship 4K HDR TV and known to be the best 4K TV to date by Sony. It is also known as the best performing non-OLED 4K HDR TV model.  

Sony's XBR-XD series worked pretty well in mid of 2016 and many thought it would be the same for rest of the year, still, surprisingly they released all new Z9D models with yet another level of display perfection and performance. 

 Sony XBR X930D

It has a high level of brightness and great local dimming precision. Again patented with Backlight Master Drive Technology Z9D delivers superb output. Wait, there is also a 100 Inch monster model available on sale. With these two 4K TVs (with LCD Display Technology), Sony has done a real great job in the consumer market.

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Sony XBR-X930D

Sony's XBR 4K series is targeted towards those who might not afford to buy still-high priced OLEDs and want high performance, thin design smart TVs.

Sony's X930D/40D is packed with amazing technology features. It is one of the best TVs currently in the market by Sony. The perfect home-entertainment 4K system you would expect at affordable price range. XBR series is Sony's powerful and highly capable of producing what world would expect from such a prestigious brand.

Sony's 2016 Bravia TVs are much capable of delivering HDR and stunning images with similar HDR technology and their own Classic Triluminos Display technology.

 Sony XBR X930D

It's Netflix Recommended - Sony XBR series has been appreciated by Netflix for their high-resolution TV content. You can even send movies and music from your smartphone to this TV using Google Cast or Amazon Fire Stick.

Smart Home Automation - Using latest Alexa voice control or Logitech's Harmony Hub, you can easily achieve home automation for this TV. Not only TV, you can control many supported devices in the list. With great hidden cable panel structure, you can keep all its wires away from the visible.

Features - UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 LED Panel, Motionflow XR 960 Technology, Screen Mirroring Technology, Slim Backlight Drive to control lights on the screen, Built-in Wi-Fi Ethernet Connectivity, 4X HDMI / 3X USB, ANDROID TV, Dolby Digital Sound.

Cons - Side mounted wing speakers adds space unnecessarily. Audio lacks overall features compared to its last year predecessor. Secondly, some slight local dimming issues are present on the display while it reaches its peak brightness levels.

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Vizio M Series

Best value for money considering its 4K capabilities. It nicely competes against more expensive models. 

Vizio is well known for their in-budget yet superior TV models from recent years. Last year's M series and recently launched P series have done a wonderful job in Smart TVs segment. 

Their latest models are extremely precise for their picture quality and the best alternatives for other high-end costlier options including Sony, Samsung, LG etc. 

 Vizio M Series

Vizio is this year's best buy TV as per many reviews. Both M and P series TVs come with a 6 Inch Android tablet and it is worth using but still, has some limitations for quick TV access. Fortunately, Vizio does come with a traditional small remote as well for those who find tablet use annoying.

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Vizio P Series

P series has an outstanding picture quality and overall features at very low pricing compared to high-end TVs out there.

Offers better picture quality than Vizio M series. It appeals to less brand conscious videophiles who might not afford to buy high-end OLEDs. 

Again with their budget friendly TVs, Vizio recently offering excellent 4K models with Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) models which bring deeper black levels, less blooming, less light bleed to the current models. Recently they are also bringing HDR models.

Vizio P series is the best value for money product. If you are looking for similar top tier picture quality with extremely low pricings in comparison, P series is hard to avoid. 

 Vizio P Series

Its tablet remote is a bit trouble to handle the apps and menus compared to traditional on-screen. Secondly, no inbuilt tuner, so NO for over-the-air antenna broadcasts. For this, you will need to buy a separate tuner. Again, NO HDR10 compatibility till software upgrade arrives. 

Overall, a top notch picture quality at such an affordable pricing, Vizio P series is a future proof model to look for. Recently Vizio has announced its software upgrade for P and M series to support for HDR10 sources like 4K Blu-ray players.

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Sharp's Best Smart TVs

Even though Sharp's smart TVs doesn't stand high in the top-tier race, their 4K range is worth filled with quality and hardware. Sharp is a well-known brand worldwide from years and recently they have come up with budget smart tv range. 

Most of the 4K UHD TVs are budget friendly and packed with great features. They don't come close to what Samsung, sony offer, but looking at a big display smart TVs, Sharp is worth considering in this list. 

At our review, Sharp's three models UB30U, UE30U and UH30U will be given top preference. You have a very big size display available here with 70 or 80 Inch to choose from and yes, they all packs great 4K features. These models can be nicely compared with Sony's X850C 2015 Bravia TV or Samsung's JS7500 4K UHD TV.

UH30U is a premium series, UE30U is a mid-range series and UB30U is a budget series to look for. Click on them to see a full review. 


Sharp Smart TVs features - It includes Sharp's own SmartCentral TV platform which works pretty well compared to Android Tv platform. They also have Android Tv platform on UB30U models. 

They have their own 'Revelation Upscaler' technology for boosting non 4K content to look superb. AquoMotion 240/480/960 - It's Sharp's latest motion processing technology which modifies native refresh rate on their displays which is a great innovation. 

AquoDimming - It is a superb contrast enhancement technology developed by Sharp for their mid-range and premium 4K TVs

SPECTROS Rich Color Display - This is the latest innovation from Sharp which allows a great color enhancement found in their premium 4K models. It does not use the latest Quantum Dot Technology.

Sharp Smart TVs offer great Connectivity features and its future proof with latest HDMI 2.0, HEVC for 4K video sources, VP9 for Youtube and much more. Best alternatives for Sharp would be Vizio series in terms of quality and pricings. Appx. $1900 you can get 70 Inch UH30U and Sharp Aquos 4K 2015 80 Inch for affordable around $4300 only on Amazon.

Roku TVs 

One of the favorite entry level Champion, No local dimming, high refresh rates or 3D, yet simply the best smart to look for.

Roku TVs are worth enough especially for those who want a decent picture quality and access to thousands of apps and streaming videos. Roku TVs are low priced yet with great features. Even though Roku Tv gives just better picture quality, it is one of the favorite entry-level smart tv brand worth considering at lowest pricing in comparison.

 TCL Roku Latest Smart TV

Roku is not a high-end smart tv set but it's packed with great features. With Roku TCL FS3800 you don't need any separate streaming device. The Roku TV remote is simplest to handle and easy to navigate through apps. Once you link your Tv to Roku.com, it automatically syncs apps and makes them available for you.   

One of the best thing about Roku TVs are the app support. Even top tier brands like Samsung lacks major app support which Roku has. You will easily get access to top brands such as HBO Go, Sling TV, Google Play Movie, Showtime Anytime, Watch ESPN, Amazon Music and hundreds of more. 

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Hisense Smart TVs

A Chinese electronics firm Hisense have done a wonderful job recently with their latest 50H7GB2 50 Inch 4K UHD Smart Tv which is much affordable than others. 

This 4K model costs similar to those low-cost HDTVs and much lower than those top tier Samsung, Sony and Sharp ones. Certainly, you won't expect a quality which Samsung's and Sony's SUHD smart TVs offer, but surely will appreciate its overall features. 

Hisense's 50H7GB2 is definitely a worth option looking at its around $600 price tag which is far low compared to higher end ones. Also the model is enough capable of producing good picture quality and gives faster output. 

 Hisense 65 Inch Smart Tv

Looking at connectivity options, Hisense offers a similar level of perfection compared to those high-end ones and yes, its future proof as well. App access on this TV is again great, you still have access to 4K UHD video content from apps like YouTube, Amazon Prime Instant video, Netflix and more. 

Of course, you will notice some negative things in this Chinese brand such as no-stunning picture output in comparison to those Samsung SUHD's or 4K Smart TVs, Again its worst at upscaling, meaning if you try to watch upscaled video content, you won't get satisfactory results. 

Finally, if you want to tell people that you have brought a big Android Smart TV and still want to manage with your wallets, Hisense can smartly help you for that otherwise, you can just double up your budget and can look for some mid-range 4K UHD Smart TVs offered by those Samsung, Sony brands.

Also see Hisense 50H7GB2 ($548.00), 55H7B2 ($799.99) and 65H7B2 ($1399.00) 

Panasonic's Best Smart TVs

Panasonic is well known for their electronic devices from many years. The Japanese firm has already produced some of the best plasma TVs, but in today's scenario, they have ended the plasma production and fully focusing on LED, OLED, and 4K TVs.

Panasonic Smart Tv is also called as Smart Viera. It has some of the great features including built-in wi-fi module, web browsing, and apps support, many other apps, Swipe & Share feature and much more. 

Panasonic 3D TV - It is capable of producing 3D films and come with passive 3D tv technology but most of them have active 3D support. 

All Smart Tv models have a name starting with 'TX'. The first letter shows the type of tv. First two numbers show the size of a display. e.g. TX-50DX750 means UK model with 50 Inch display size. C, E, U, and X are the entry level models, ET and ST stand for mid range ones, DT and WT stand for premium LED models and GT, VT stands for premium plasma models. 


Deliver superb SDR picture quality and accurate color production. Very attractive 50 Inch UHD, 4K TV, worth considering.

Specs - Native 4K Resolution, HDR playback, Firefox OS Smart system, Wide color phosphors and ultra-bright pane.

 Panasonic TX-50DX750 Smart TV

This one is Panasonic's best product in TV series. It can deliver superb standard dynamic range 4K pictures. It can also boost superb HDR output with very little backlight issues. Still, it is one of the best smart Tv to buy as per latest display specs. It is priced at around 1300 Dollars.

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