New Upcoming Apps will help Augmented reality overtake VR
Information layered on the visible things, that how Augmented Reality works. The best example is Google map information on your video camera, or You are walking at an airport station for a journey and your smart glasses shows a real time plane schedules in front of your eyes which only you can see. 

Recently a virtual reality headphone business took fire and we saw so many brands such as Facebook Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear, HTV vive, Sony PlayStation started popping everywhere online with deals and offers. Some headsets were among the best-selling VR headsets list last year.

But Augmented reality has so many industrial application as it layers real-time information in front of visible eyes. Air is the next future thing which tech industry wants to conquer and it may happen anytime from now in 2017.  

AR will surely take some time, in this video demo, courtesy of secretive Florida start-up Magic Leap showing a head-mounted display with eye-popping graphics, and a game with real looking enemy robots around you, is mesmerizing. In comparison, much of a Virtual Reality content also took a lot of attention last year.

"Your surroundings will be overlaid with an eye-popping graphics"

This year we already saw 'Pokemon go' an AR smartphone game from 'Niantic - a California-based developer' working extremely well despite few speculations and health dangers at some places. We also saw Microsoft's Hololens which lets you interact with the digital display. 

Similarly, Google's Tango AR platform which was seen in Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro which has an AR tape measure tool, a solar system simulator, and shopping tool which helps you select a beautiful piece of furniture before you actually buy. 

AR has wider industrial applications, including manufacturing, medical to an educational purpose, AR apps will help million of learners understand and quickly gain things. We also have seen some AR concepts in Avengers movie - Stark's future robot lab or some digital layered scenes in Tom Cruise's 'Edge of Tomorrow' - where scientist try to analyze the Mimic. Game lovers, Polices, Doctors, Civil Engineers, Tech experts everyone can use this technology to analyze things in much easier way than those on a paper study. 

Stay tuned for more technology updates and also share your views in comments.

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