Dr. Oz Wants to Sell you a Heart-Monitoring Smartwatch, iBeat
Dr. Oz, a perennial snake oil salesman comes with a way to expand their business with a health wearable. An "iBeat Life Monitor" is their new lifesaving smartwatch which promises to sense your heart beats accurately and help save people's life against possible heart attacks. 

The big difference here from iBeat compared to those trackers from Apple, Fitbit is that, as soon as it senses a threat to your health through a heart rate monitoring system, it automatically informs your friends, family, and medical people.

But that might not be the best possible case all the time you are fit and well, so watch is completely cellular, with built-in GPS and no need for connecting it to a smartphone. So kind of a smartwatch with calling feature. You will need to go for their $200 yearly plan for connection. 

The best part about Dr. Oz iBeat Life Monitor is its price. It has almost half or a third compared to competitors products and comes with a free yearly service with the first buy. 

iBeat looks similar to original Moto 360 and found earlier on IndieGoGo for $99 super early bird sale. Some high-fi offers were also found around $5000 with 'Meet Dr. Oz special!' events with some cool airfare accommodations to attend Dr. Oz show with promising two iBeat Monitors buy.

If people support the Dr. Oz initiative, iBeat is scheduled to arrive by July 2017 and one must surely wait to have this wonderful life-saving gadget.

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