Mars by Crazybaby – World’s Only Auto Levitating Wireless Speaker
The entire market is full with high-end smartphones, headphones, wireless earbuds, vr headsets and there is specifically no need to have a Bluetooth speaker with some kind of high-tech magnetic levitating satellite thing in it which adds nothing other than just fascination. Still kind of a cool new gadget for all of us tech lovers. 

The Mars, by Crazybaby, is the world's first and only levitating speaker which looks awfully impressive while on the play. A UFO look-alike flying saucer nicely floats above the cylinder base. 

Mars by Crazybaby surprises on both cost and quality. It is a levitating satellite speaker which hovers on the top of the subwoofer base. That's the thing which nicely convinces its big $329.99 price tag. It really doesn't matter at this time whether its sound quality matches to those high-end Bluetooth speakers or not but its functionally awesome. 

 Mars by Crazybaby

The levitating speaker is called as 'Craft' which is a 1.4 by 4.8 Inchs HW speaker and hovers on top of a large 9.3 Inch Cylinder which is 5.7 Inches across. The magnetic function is more or less similar to Japan's Maglev technology where train hovers over the tracks above 10mm while it runs. 

It only has a single button for power and pairing. The disc is a vent like a grille and has a metal ring on the bottom to make electrical contact with a base cylinder for charging. It is portable so that you can even use it without the base, and if you don't want it to hover all the time above the base, you can let it stick to any metal base such as a metal desk or so being it a magnetic. It is also waterproof with IPX7 certification, so no harm using anywhere over its wireless connectivity with a woofer. With superb 8 hours long battery life, Mars is a very productive wireless speaker for music lovers. 

Beware though, it only supports Bluetooth connectivity and not cables. Quite disappointing that its base only has USB ports for charging and it even lacks 3.5mm conventional jack. It nicely syncs with smartphones and PC with Crazybaby app and helps you adjust its various settings. It has four EQ modes including Bass, CrazyEQ, Indoor and Outdoor along with Custom EQ settings to adjust your own taste. There are lights on disc and glowing dots on the edge of a speaker which beautifully glows up while you play the music. 

To compare Mars with other peers in competition, those include Marshall Kilburn which doesn't have anything to float, the Creative iRoar which is pricier than the Mars, similar UE Boom 2, and looking at its waterproof certification, if don't want a big base, even EcoXGear EcoCarbon, and Polk Book Swimmer are great options to consider.

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