Microsoft Hololens - An Excellent Augmented Reality Device
Enable a Si-Fi world around you. You wearing a hololens glasses on your eyes and start seeing a stunning digital world around you filled with an animations, themes, information, browsing and much more. That's the beauty of Augmented reality where information is placed right in front of your eyes and still keeping you in the real world, all the time. 

Microsoft's Hololens is probably the best augmented reality device engineered to give you the best entertainment experience and enhance your real world life with digital layers.

Hololens is not only an augmented reality device but also support virtual reality applications and put itself in a category of mix reality. You experience both, virtual and real world augmented applications. 

Just imagine you are sitting in your living room and seeing various digital things around, and with a click of your fingers, you start working on various things such as office apps, browsing, animations, videos, music, interact with far staying friends as if they are around you, place widgets at every corner of your house, create various themes around you and most probably, experience things, you may never actually see.

Microsoft Hololens enables a wide range of experiences that includes both virtual and augmented reality applications

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For sure, Microsoft Hololens' augmented reality is no gimmick. This $3000 beast is super cool device and nicely convinces for its price with its amazing entertainment skills and industrial applications, its actual uses are limitless. It is one of the most exciting new technologies we have on today and Hololens proves it.

At initial debut, Microsoft proffered Hololens to be more domestic and with larger consumer potential but seeing its applications, it is the next-gen machine with seamless industrial uses.

Navigate a whole computer around you, place browsers on your walls, let fishes and animals play around you in 3D as if you are right below the seabed, or surf through galaxies, you do whatever you want.  

Microsoft Hololens has the potential to revolutionize many of industrial work including medical, reality, entertainment, engineering, product development and most others with its mixed reality capabilities.

One of the best application of Hololens is for studying human anatomy by bringing 3D content into the real world. These anatomical wonders can be studied with their less scary appearance and make things more interesting to analyze and study. Not only this, architectures, designers, engineers, doctors are likely to be benefited with the seamless Hololens capabilities. 

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