New Instagram lets you bookmark favorite posts
Instagram has brought a new feature which will allow you save posts and photos to your private bookmarks. As we know, Instagram is some of the top places to find original beautiful images, but until now, it wasn't possible to save them for later view. We always had to go to people profile and scan through all images to find the one we liked.

This new feature come with Instagram 10.2 version upgrade and available for both Android and iOS users. The cool part is all these saved bookmarks are private and only you can view them like chrome's bookmarks. All saved posts are collected in a separate tab on your account. 

Just to note that you can only save the posts, meaning, if a user deletes their posts, photos, you will no longer see in your bookmark tab. This feature is currently available only for the mobile version and not for web version yet. 

Some of the cool features of Instagram also include a 'live video/photo disappearing messaging' similar to Snapchat. It also a mimic to Facebook Live but expires after 24 hours and you can not watch a recap or save them. In contrast to parent company's live feature, Instagram now allows us to save live broadcasts to view them later anytime. 

Similarly, Instagram Direct feature works in a different way where messages or videos disappear after been viewed twice. To send Direct message/video, simply swipe right on home and take shot/video and tap on the arrow to share to friends or privately to someone. But wait, Instagram also notify users if their disappearing photos were screenshot captured by someone. So kind of a weird but useful stuff.

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