Android Wears: Top 10 Smartwatches for Kids
Smartwatches are the best wearables nowadays. They come with an excellent notification system, fun apps and games, fitness tracking, smart dial faces, GPS, heart rate monitors, and most importantly everything packed in a tiny wearable size gadget. 

These smartwatches have SIM connectivity and come with an accurate GPS inbuilt and are some of the best productivity tools for parents. Right from telling time, kids can play interactive games, fun apps and much more. Now parents can keep eye on their kids wherever they go. In those unwanted situations, parents won't need to worry at all about their children missing and stay alerted all the time, and when their children feel their need.

These smartwatches are specially designed to keep kids in mind and their rough usage. They come with the rugged design with soft silicone outer body to give the best comfort while kids wear them. Kids smart watch phone is very popular thing nowadays.

Here are some of the best smartwatches for kids with GPS and calling feature.

1. Alcatel Move Time

One of the great option especially for kids who may also need calling feature for their safety. It has a beautiful toy design which suits mostly for children of low age. 

It smartly tracks kids, can keep eye on them all the time and if you are consistently worried parents, this watch is a gift to your family. It has GPS, Nano SIM and can only store up to 10 numbers.

 Alcatel Move Time

Kids can make outgoing calls but on contacts set by parents. More importantly, these can not be modified by any program. These watches are water resistant so no worries using it in any environment. It can run almost up to 4 days on a single charge. If your school have no restrictions on children wearable, this gadget is worth buying.

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2. Doki Smartwatch

Doki is a Hongkong based tech company have recently brought DokiWatch promising as the world's most advanced and complete wearable phone and locator for kids aged 6-12. Also, its a first 3G smartwatch for children with video calls, voice calls, messaging and tracking through this tiny wearable watch.

Doki watch is a great gift to children from their parents to stay safe wherever they go. Not only this, the watch also has interesting features including virtual pet, fitness tracker and much more. 

 Doki Smartwatch

It has rugged rubberized design which is quite great for regular use. Doki watch can keep your children active and safe always. Kids can also earn fun achievement badges using badges on steps, distance, calories burned and much more. 

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3. FiLIP

FiLIP is a great watch and has almost all the features which Apple watch offers. The only difference is its rugged built specially made for children. It is limited to make and receive calls up to 5 pre-set contacts. 

 FiLIP Kids Smartwatch

Watch is compatible with both Android and iOS. Its intelligent emergency feature helps children contact their parents by clicking a red button located on the side of the watch. It also has 'safe zone' which GPS tracks and alerts to parents if kids go beyond boundaries

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4. VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Plus

Watch for young children aged 5-12. Kidizoom Plus can take photos and videos and also have many digital and analog watch faces. Kidizoom watches have superb childproof design and come with amazing Cerise, green, and blue color variations. 

 VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Plus

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5. AmbyGear Smartwatch

Watch is similar to those offerings from FiLIP and Caref with less price in comparison. Also, it is the most rugged design watch with a soft silicon shell over entire outer part.

It comes with smart calendar, safe zones, messaging, parental controls and new app installs. It has an excellent GPS and 3G connectivity for safe tracking all the time. 

 AmbyGear Smartwatch

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6. Orbo Kids Smartwatch

Orbo kids watch come with all the basic functions and have beautiful digital and analog watch faces to choose from. It also teaches kids how to tell the time. It also has a variety of interactive activities and games to keep your children busy playing more of the time. It also have a basic camera which can take great shots.

 Orbo Kids Smartwatch

Made up of a durable plastic, it's soft silicone bands are actually comfortable for small hands.

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7. HereO

HereO is world's smallest real-time cellular GPS tracking watch. It is more of a parental device than a kids toy. One of the thinnest smartwatch for kids. It measures 112x136mm and weighs only 40g. 

 HereO Kids Smartwatch

Smartwatch is again splash and dustproof with durable plastic casing and softest silicone bands specially made for delicate hands.

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8. Kurio Watch

Kurio watch is an excellent entertainment wearable with customizable interface, video recorder, and camera. It comes with pretty interesting games which can keep kids fully occupied for more time. 

Its I.C.E (in a case of emergency) app is great where children enter their medical information including blood group etc. It is certainly for their safety at such unwanted cases. 

 Kurio Kids Smartwatch

Looking at built, Kurio watches doesn't look fabulous rather it is a more productive. It has smooth round edges and adjustable soft silicone strap. It has 128MB in-built storage and can be expanded using microSD card.

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9. LG GizmoPal 2

One of the best-branded kids watches out there. It has awesome LED status indicators which show battery levels, signal strength and call status. 

LG uses their own GizmoHub App to sync the watch with proper parental authority for kids making calls and use various apps. Its real-time location GPS tracking is again excellent and worth using. Its a great smartwatch for teenager.

 LG GizmoPal 2

GizmoPal 2 is one of the best-looking kids gadgets in kids market. 

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10. LINE Kid's Watch

LINE Kid's watch is powered by U-blox a high-performance UBX-G7020 multi-GNSS chip with GPS support and U-blox SARA-U270 UMTS/HSPA module for high-speed mobile connectivity. 

Watch works on KIWI Plus's own IOT android operating system and support one touch calling and real-time location tracking. Watch facilitates inter-connectivity among kids so that they won't miss each other. In a case of emergency, kids can send pre-set notifications to parent's phones easily.

 LINE Kid's Smartwatch

The watch has aluminum casing and glass screen with soft silicone bands and available in blue, white and pink colors.  

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