Wireless Earbuds: The Best Apple AirPods Alternatives
Apple's new wireless AirPods initiative will bring a new era where headphone jacks will no longer exist. Even Samsung is taking a new approach making their future smartphones headphone jack free. Although high-end wired and wireless headphones are one of the popular products, wireless earbuds are gaining more attention due to tech. innovation and high productivity.

Apple's AirPods now being seen on Online stores and will soon be physically rolled out in stores by next week or so. One of the major drawbacks of these wireless headphones is their current high price range. They are not cheap. Certainly, a new gadget may lure you to put your hard earn money to have them, but you can wait and see what other alternatives are readily available right now and how they compete with each other. 

Here is a list which will surely mesmerize you before looking for only those which are particularly being advertised more in the market. Even these wireless earbuds are best selling and superb alternatives to those best or high-priced Apple earbuds and one must seriously consider buying. 

1. Bose SoundSport Free

Yes, a true giant has recently come up with an amazing wireless earbud design. The Bose earbuds can do much better than the Apple AirPods. A little spaceship design makes earbuds even more special. Now forget about connectivity issues, poor sound quality, and bad ergonomics. The Bose SoundSport Free is a perfect piece for your precious ears. 

It has a flying saucer type of a shape on the outer of a bud that holds most of the electronic stuff and on the top of it, there are three buttons including volume control and Bluetooth function. On the back, it has rubber sports tip with a fin that is enough to hold the earbud in place.

Some of its amazing features include a great 5 hours of playback on a full charge and enough 45min of play on just 15 mins of recharge, IPX4 waterproof certified, auto connection to the previous paired item.

Limitations: Not very loud, no noise cancellation.

So you surely like this tiny sound beast for your next trip? Try it out.

Buy on Amazon (at $249.00)

2. Doppler Labs Here One

Time has gone where you might just hook up with your headphones and stay unaware about rest of the world for hours. Here One is one of the top augmented reality device simply designed to give you sound you need from around. Whether you are on a flight or with coworkers, Here one can smartly filter voices and noises so that you enjoy music as well as do not miss what's happening around you. 

Doppler Labs Here One

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This works as reducing music coming to your ears and amplifying the natural sound around you. This application works so flawlessly that you can even mute vehicle sound you are sitting into and only choose to hear the conversations around, and that's extremely productive in today's fast pace environment where you certainly need to stay alerted on the go.

Here One is also a great translator, You can have translated voice from Spanish to English and so on. So we have great future here where we can communicate with anyone, any part of the globe without worrying about languages.

Buy on HerePlus (at $299.00) 

3. Erato Muse 5

Erato, a creator of the best-selling previous Apollo 7 wireless earbuds, now comes with a less pricey earbuds 'Muse 5'. Ergonomically Muse 5 has serious built. In terms of fit customization, it really looks great than AirPods. 

Erato Muse 5

Muse 5 come with a portable charging case and eliminates worry for batteries dying. It is also a water and sweat resistant meaning you can use it in most of the routine conditions including workouts, traveling etc. Muse 5 will retail at around $170.

Buy on Erato (at $179.99)

4. Erato Apollo 7

A Taiwanese startup Erato has this really great quality product to consider which actually works better. Apollo 7 just work flawless, while plenty of wireless earbuds drops Bluetooth connection often. 

The Erato Apollo 7 is lightweight, with stunning design and includes charging case for multiple charges on the go. The only thing to note is it lasts for only 3 hours on single charge, so if you are a heavy user, you will need to charge it again and again. 

 Erato Apollo 7

Although these wireless earbuds are too pricey, it is truly a masterpiece and among the best wireless earbuds out there which work with minimum hiccups and dropouts.

In comparison, Bose's SoundSport Wireless earbuds have a little edge here and also come with almost half of a price. The only difference is the two wireless earbuds connects to each other with wire. 
Again, Bragi Dash and Earin are the truly best options to consider to fully compare with Apollo 7.

Buy on Amazon (at $299.99)

5. Earin

Earin claims itself to be the world's smallest wireless earbuds and truly they are that small. It's a Sweden-based startup which showed off their wireless earbuds at CES at the beginning of this year and brought lately in the market. 

Earin earbuds look anything like those traditional designs but with cords cut off. With a solid built, clean design and the cushion buds which fits perfectly inside ears, Earin also blocks enough of ambient noise around. 

 Earin wireless earbuds

They are so small, that there is a risk of getting lost, however, it comes with a solid battery case which charges them nicely and stays absolutely safe all the time you carry. They last up to two and half hour on a single charge and with charging case you can charge them for three times. 

Overall, Earin is one of the best choices for wireless earbuds in the current market.

Buy on Amazon (at $199.00)

6. Air by Crazybaby

Apple's dangling white buds may not appeal and fit everyone. Because those are easy to be dropped by the user, similar other designs appear to be firmer to wear. Air by Crazybaby is one of those to wisely consider. 

These earbuds have really good quality output, attractive and perfect fit on ears. It also comes with a portable charging case. If you are waiting for Apple's AirPods to arrive, this might surely hold you back. It is around $70 cheaper than AirPods and under seriously good consideration. 

Buy on Crazybaby (at $159.00)

7. Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra is a well-known brand and their recent Elite Sport can give stiff competition to Apple AirPods in terms of features. Although it has a slightly solid bulky look, but considering overall fitting and output, it is surely an option hard to pass right now.

 Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra promises 3 hours on a single charge and you can extend it up to 3 extra hours using portable charging case. Further, it is equipped with in-ear heart rate monitor for fitness lovers along with tri-axis accelerometer and run flawlessly with Jabra Sports Life app and gives many accurate health related data such as calories burned, distance traveled etc. 

The product is currently being marketized with a three-year warranty with assurance for replacement against 'failure from sweat'. The Jabra Elite Sport is much more expensive than Apple AirPods at $229 but a great alternative in terms of quality and overall features.

Buy on Amazon (at $250)

8. Kanoa

Kanoa earbuds are a bigger pentagon shaped wireless devices with fully water resistant and have optional silicone jackets. Kanoa comes with complying form earbuds and charges via a carrying case. 

Large size also come with an advantage to have more charge than others and lasts up to great six hours on single charge. Looking at such small size and even being fully Bluetooth wireless, Kanoa gives excellent audio output and surely you will forget that you are hearing such a high volume sound on such a small earbuds. 

Kanoa earbuds are completely wireless and support Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 devices from a distance up to 33 feet. Similar to Dopler lab's here one earbuds, Kanoa supports some effect of augmented, where its transparent audio settings let you remain connected to your surrounding by adjusting settings. 

Overall, Kanoa is a great option if you are long hours wireless device user and need better quality output.

Buy on Kanoa (at $199.00)

9. Samsung Gear Iconx

IconX is basically a fitness and heart rate tracking device and targeted towards fitness lovers. Although wireless earphones are with us from a long time, using it in such a tiny buds with excellent quality audio, power for hours, calling feature and with many fitness tracking systems, Samsung have done a really great job with IconX.

IconX has a beautiful design. Each bud comes with interchangeable wings and eartips which must be attached correctly before you use. They sit in a small oval shaped container with indicators showing a red light for a charge in process and green when batteries are full. It helps users know how much to charge the case and when to remove earbuds from it.

 Samsung Gear Iconx

Smartly, IconX supports a touch commands on their surfaces. Single tap starts music, double tab skips a track. Holding a finger against any bud for three secs starts/finish a workout. It nicely supports ambient sound mode to stay connected to the surrounding world while you use them. 

IconX needs a smart setup, you will need to download Gear manager app on your android smartphone, install an app for its IconX case and also need to updates for it. You can set which earbud will be dominant to receive calls and also put up to 4GB of music directly inside buds so as to avoid continuous streaming from a phone. 

IconX works best for fitness tracking. Apps such as S Health (Samsung's own) or others such as Starva and MapMyFitness also work great. For a full review see "Wareable Samsung Gear IconX full review".

Buy on Amazon (at $172.64)

10. Motorola VerveOnes and VerveOnes+

VerveOnes is a new generation wireless earbuds with truly incredible sound. They work on any smartphone, tablet or computer. Its HD sound quality is really impressive compared to many other rivals and runs up to 3 hours on a single charge and great up to 12 hours with charging case. 

Its powerful Bluetooth range works up to 33 feet and has dual integrated mics, full control of Siri and Google Now for voice controls. It supports six audio profiles and also lets you use its ambient audio technology to hear surround voices such as conversations.

 Motorola VerveOnes

It has powerful charging case. Meaning, you won't miss your either call while on the go. Its Dual mic automatically pauses your music when you receive a call. Its Hubble Connect app will help you locate them through a lifetime whenever they are synced at any location. So that it's never lost.

Verve Ones+ are IP57 sweat proof and waterproof so you can use them in most of the conditions. some of the limitations include a not-the-best sound output, temperamental apps and still some dropouts while use.

Buy on Amazon (at $199.99)

11. Onkyo W800BT

Onkyo was one of the first to come up with its own wireless in-ear headphones called W800BT. Each earbud has an 8.6mm driver and capable of producing ranges of 6Hz to 22kHz, and produces enough good sound quality.  

It also has a built-in USB cord other than its own charging case so that you can charge it anywhere through an available port such as a laptop. 

 Onkyo W800BT

Onkyo works well most of the time over Bluetooth connectivity and yes, its sound quality is really good but may not be the same as those of high-end wired ones. 

Are Onkyo worth around $230? Our answer is difficult. Onkyo may not control music playback well than those found in best-budget Sennheiser Momentum M2 with great dynamics and weight. Still, we would say, best on Bluetooth 4.1.

Buy on Amazon (at $354.89)

12. Bragi 'The Headphone'

Although Bragi's previous earbuds Dash, didn't impress pretty well with few drawbacks such as a poor microphone, connectivity issues, less-comprehensive fitness features, Dash was sold pretty well looking at its wireless functionality.

And this time their 'the headphone', at $149 comes with many advanced features. A truly awesome wireless earbuds design out there with so any cool features. it supports music, phone calls, voice commands and most importantly latest ambient audio settings which allow 'audio transparency' for filtering ambient noise around you and still be able to listen what is happening or what conversations people doing around you. 

 Bragi 'the headphone'

One of the best thing about Bragi is its battery backup. It lasts impossibly up to 6 hours on a single charge and also charges back quickly. 

According to Bragi, it will come in three different sizes and latest Bragi OS 2.1. With this, the headphone can speak out four new languages, Chinese, French, German and Spanish and can sync with Apple Watch, Google Fit, Apple health Kit. Latest OS will also support touch lock, shuffle for the internal music and on-demand heart rate tracking.

Buy on Amazon (at $245.98)

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