Intel bets on 'Merged Reality' through its Project Alloy VR headset
Intel's virtual-augmented-merged reality concept came recently through their "Project Alloy" headset. Brian Krzanich, Intel's CEO recently said, that Intel is working with Microsoft officially to bring developements to VR headset which are purely based on merged reality or mixed reality concepts. 

Although Intel couldn't do well in smartphone market, VR will be their next big thing. Project Alloy promises more on standalone-pc-like VR experience and won't need it to tether to a seperate computing machine. It has two main components - first Intel's RealSense 3D cameras and second a rechargeable battery. Their first iteration will be based on Microsoft's Windows Holographic desktop software. 

Intel's Project Alloy Merged Reality headsets

Merged reality is something more interesting than only virtual or only augmented headsets. In Augmented, information is placed as in form of digital layers and in VR person gets totally involved in virtual world without seeing what is happening around him in real, but Project Alloy, a merged reality headset allow you experience AR even you are wearing full headset on your eyes. It is made possible through the RealSense cameras on the headset which caputure images of the things in front of your and project them back into the virtual environment in milliseconds. Thats real challanging for processing which Intel could make possible through their advance chipsets and realsense cameras.

Project Alloy is obviously the more practical way to enjoy both virtual reality and aurgmented reality concept. It also eliminates the need for an additional sensors and hand controllers to have an interactive experience. 

Meanwhile, Tim Parker, Intel's vice president and GM of marketing for perceptual computing insists the next years version of project alloy which will be shipped in second half of 2017 again which will offer better experience through upgraded chipset and cameras. Instead of last years Skylake architecture and Atom chip from compute vision, new version will have Kaby Lake processor and a chip from Movidius. (Intel acquision on Movidius). The two R200 RealSense cameras will be upgraded to one single 400 series one. 

At this moment there are very basic vr headsets available for those who want to spend less on these gadgets or high end only VR such as oculus rift or htc vive and only AR like Microsoft's Hololens are available. With Project Alloy, a complete mixed reality device, Intel is all set for their next big thing in VR/AR consumer market. See full specs and features on Intel

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