MATRIX PowerWatch at CES 2017 - No Batteries Needed
Matrix is exhibiting the new charging-less PowerWatch at CES 2017. Matrix PowerWatch could be the key to a smartwatch future. It requires no charging and works on the body heat. PowerWatch can bring the revolution in the industry where every wireless Bluetooth small gadget requires the li-po charging capsule which does not last longer hours. 

Bluetooth devices often fear for this charging issue and people most of the time prefer the wired devices. At least smartwatches, which requires very less power, are solved for now as it requires very little energy to keep it up on.

MATRIX PowerWatch

The MATRIX PowerWatch brought to us by an indiegogo crowd funder Akram Boukai is the world's first smartwatch that never has to charge and works on the head produced by our body. Its ultra low power consuming microprocessor from Amiq Micro works flawless and measure number of fitness activities while on the go. It can nicely measure calories burned, activity levels, sleep data using advanced thermoelectric technology. It also indicates how much electrical power you are generating. 

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