Panasonic Futuristic VR Headsets uses Crazy Fused Lenses and 4 Screens
Panasonic recently showed off a new VR headset with wider 220-degree FOV using four displays and unique set of lenses at CES 2017. At a total resolution of 6400x1440, this headset nicely add peripheral vision by fusing two lenses together making an angular lens per eye. These lenses are the combination of traditional Aspheric and Fresnel optics. 

The Panasonic VR Headsets recently demonstrated by Andru Edwards at CES 2017 is a top-of-the-line, not usual immersive VR headset. It has a 220-degree FoV which is almost double the average 100-degree FoV in most of the recent headsets in the market. 

Panasonic futuristic VR headsets are not only for entertainment but for real practical purposes too including construction, business, medical and much more. Panasonic claims these headsets to have more commercial uses including those for training pilots, construction designers, firefighters, surgeons and others who require an immersive training aid. 

Additionally, this VR Headset can sync seamlessly with a 360-degree camera through an Ultra HD input and comes with bone-conduction audio technology. These headsets do not use earbuds. Its little pads which rest on the sides of your face uses bone conduction technology to transfer sound to your ears. 

Although these new lenses geometrical combination seemed to be creating more wider VR experience, the overall vision was slightly imperfect and showed some distortions.

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