Three Must-Know Document Management Skills
In the modern work environment, almost all business-related communication between coworkers and collaborators is now digital, which comes as no surprise of course, because of the relentless pace personal technology has been expanding in the last decade or so.

It would be safe to assume that everything would be running smooth by now, regarding how all recent tech is a direct descendant of previous technological advancements, but unfortunately, that’s not entirely the case. One specific issue has been plaguing the business world for some time now, and that is document management.

The interpretation of formatting that each operating system has, no matter if it’s found on computers (or on other devices) affects the overall viewability of digital documents. For instance, the way that Windows OS interprets a file is completely different from the way that Macintosh OS does, and that can create some serious complications for the person who’s receiving the file. This problem is not reserved just for these two operating systems, meaning it’s quite universal, the only important aspect is that the operating systems are differing, and errors will follow. Depending on the document in question, sometimes the file will have slight glitches, and in other times it will be completely unviewable by the recipient. This can clearly be very troublesome, especially if the file is of utmost importance.

The way to overcome this is to learn these essential document management skills. Firstly, you need to learn how to create PDF files out of JPG files and turn your images into a more flexible format. Then, you must know how to convert PDF to Word and make necessary edits to your file. Lastly, you need to learn to handle complex Excel tables and discover the secret to the easiest way of doing that.

Skill One: Convert JPG to PDF Prior to Sending

To convert JPG to PDF you can use PDF Converter’s online tool that is straightforward. Start by selecting the JPG file you want to transform; secondly, type in your mail address where you’ll receive the link to the download page once the process is completed. Click on an image below to start using it.

 Free PDF conversion online

Skill Two: PDF to Word Conversion

PDF to Word conversion is done in the same manner. Choose the PDF file you want to convert, and apply the same steps listed above. It is crucial to note that there’s no limit to the size of the PDF in question, the only difference will be the how long the conversion lasts. The overall time is also dependent on the number of people using the tool at that given moment, but it usually doesn’t last longer than a few minutes.

Skill Three: Extract Tables from PDF into Excel

If you are dealing with Excel tables and spreadsheets, you must know how hard it is to edit Excel tables if they are preserved in PDF. To do so, you need to convert PDF to Excel and then to edit a converted Excel file.

So, by using this PDF conversion online tool you can master these three essential document management skills and be more productive with your work.
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