Remove Yourself Tracing from Truecaller
Truecaller is one of the best way to trace callers location and ID. But what if you wish to go anonymous all the time for new people. Yes, it looks weared but sometimes required to keep strangers away from spying.

This tip will help you remove your number from truecaller database. 

Firstly remove your truecaller account which you set up with your number. If you have not signed up yet, then skip this step.

Launch Truecaller and tap on menu from the app.

Go to setting > about

Tap on Deactivate account. Confirm on pop up. 

This will delete your existing account on Truecaller but its database will still have your number stored. 

Now Go to Truecaller's unlist page and ensure you remove your number. Just enter your number, enter captcha and wait for day or so that truecaller removes your number from thier database. Here is Truecaller Unlist page.

Note that to use unlisting feature on truecaller, you must have deactivated your account with them, just using unlist option will not remove your ID. 

Congratulations. Now you are anonymous for the rest of the world whenever you call a new person for any business or personal work.

If you have any comment or want to share anything do comment in below.

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