How to Share Your Post to Multiple Facebook Groups
Without a doubt, Facebook is today's most preferred social networking site. As of today, millions of visitors daily utilize Facebook as a strong networking tool to stay connected with their friends, families and do promotion. Certainly, many online businesses prefer Facebook to promote their brands through FB pages, posts, and videos and try to bring more and more traffic to their site. 

Most often it is difficult to post to the individual group and there are tools to do a multiple posting at once. All you need to follow these easy tips which will help you post your message, link, article to various groups at once. This will not only save your time but also save a lot of internet data which you may need to open those individual pages. 

Using a Notepad and Compose Email option:

Collect their email addresses - the First step is to collect the email addresses of those groups where you want to participate or initiate communications. If an email address is not available, then you can collect their username by following their facebook browser link. 

Keep all usernames ready in a notepad. To complete the email from usernames, just add after the username and its a facebook email of that group. 

Once collected all the emails, enter them into a notepad and keep separated via commas.

Now login to your Facebook account and click on Compose Email option. Copy all email addresses from your notepad and paste them in BCC field. 

Then compose your mail as if it is a message or post and hit send button. You have successfully sent a message to multiple facebook groups. 

Using Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome Extension: 

This toolkit is safer than most of other plugins as it is designed for avoiding a Facebook panelty. 

Get Facebook Social Toolkit Chrome here

Using third party apps such as Postcron:

Apps such as IFTTT, DVLR.IT, Postcron are specially designed to keep you up with your online promotion through various social networking sites. They work flawlessly and provide additional features such as time of posting, intervals, post management, tracking etc. 

Simply use Copy Paste function:

If you think you are a genunine poster on Facebook, most of the time, simple copy paste will solve most of the purpose. Just copy paste your links, use some writeup to explain what your link is about and add a decent photo from post is enough to achieve the target. Most of the niche marketers follow this method, as it as all the basic user control and your links/posts reaches the places where it actually must reach. 

Chromium Browser Automation or iMacros tools: 

These are some of the great Chrome browser add ons which will keep your content ready to be fired on right time at right group. You can also take advantage of OneTab or Morning Coffee extensions to do the same thing. 


It is a paid software which help user do multiple facebook group posting. It works on Windows or Linux Server and you need to setup Facebook App to run it. You just need to schedule the posts and then forget about it. 


Its a slightly different tool. All you need to do is to setup your own Facebook App and the rest of the procedure is extremly easy to follow through. They also provide free account so that most of the users can get their basic multiple posting jobs done quickly. 

Which method you follow? Tell us in comments.
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