Sixa Rivvr brings wireless kit for VR headsets - No more cords
Rivvr promises wireless kit for Virtual Reality headsets.

This is an era of wireless communication and so the entertainment devices must be. Today VR and AR devices need to be physically tethered to PCs or machines to generate full quality experience but the third party such as Rivvr are now coming up with the initiatives to make things completely wireless as they always expected to be. 

Maybe soon this year or two, we will see fully wireless vr headsets which won't need any physical connections to pcs. These wireless accessories will make things look easier and people can walk without wires while they surf through VR and AR world. 

Sixa Rivvr wireless kit

Sixa Rivvr wireless kit is compatible with most of all the current vr headsets including Rift and Vive. It is completely different than those bulky backpack solutions that are difficult to lug around the body. Rivvr can transmit movements over 2.4GHz or 5GHz wi-fi connection. Company's co-founder and CEO mykola Minchenko says the actual kit will have much-enhanced performance than the current demo.

Sixa says Rivvr is easy to mount and lightweight kit which will bring much easier and loger vr experience. The company is also working on more wireless functions so that VR headset will become a completely standalone device and won't need any external aid. 

Sixa is currently accepting limited reservations which requires a $60 down payment. The total cost of the head mounted version is $209, and $199 for one that clips to a belt. Rivvr also has around 3 hours of battery backup on a single charge which can be doubled up over a $50 upgrade. You can book your first wireless kit on Rivvr site.

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