Verto Studio LLC announces Verto Studio VR for AR Devices
Verto Studio LLC recently announced Verto Studio VR for Hololens and Windows Holographic Devices. A great initiative by Verto Studio which supports FBX, DAE, OBJ, STL files for holographic 3D and augmented reality development. 

Verto app will help users easily create holographic capable files using their PCs or tablets. The app comes with advanced 3D holographic editing tools such as box select, 3 axis translation, and rotation including an ability to reduce polygon count directly on a holographic device to enable easy 3D to holographic models. 

The app also supports to scale applications and real world unite measurements for actual engineering and other professional purposes. It also has excellent 'Presentation Mode' which allows display of holograms from its working interface.

Highlights of the Verto App:

OBJ, DAE, FBX, STL file support, support for Verto Studio Cloud or other cloud services, Polygon mesh generation including plane, cubes, spheres, toruses, cylinders, terrain generator, 3D sketch tool; Mesh augmentation such as polygon reduction, polygon extrusion, polygon subdivision and texture coordinate editor; Editing features such as Vertex Translation, Rotation, Scaling, Metric display of holograms, mirror, material editor, texture mapping and much more.

Verto App requires a Windows Holographic compatible device running Windows 10 Anniversary Update or later to work.

Get Verto Studio VR for $99.99 at Windows Store (Productivity Category)

Developer: Verto Studio LLC

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