Best Pinterest Tips and Tricks Updated Feb. 2017
Pinterest is probably the best social networking site after Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. The main reason behind this is the attractive image thumbnails on the whole page and its excellent interface. 

Pins on the Pinterest have a life like no other shares on social media. So this way you will get visitors again and again through your original pins. If you are still hesitating to take advantage of Pinterest pins, we will guide you to take it seriously from today.

We have compiled some of the best Pinterest tips so that you get best out of it. These tips will help your content or ideas reach miles away.

Here are some must-see tips while exploring Pinterest.

Best Pinterest Tips and Tricks

Highlight Your Pin Descriptions

In Board option, you can just highlight your text so that it appears as a heading. Even you can highlight the inside part of text such as subheadings and part of a description.

Automatic Pin Descriptions

While pinning, the image labels or the words set by owners are considered as a pin image description. So it is important that you label your images with appropriate suitable headings so that while pinning they appear as a heading. If you use Pin-It plug-in you can easily add to your boards. In this, you can highlight a part of text so that it appears description of an image. This way you will pin faster, quicker.

Search All Pins from a Website

If you wish to see pins from some website just type in and it will display all the pins from that website being pinned.

Expanding Your Pinterest Network

Try to invite more and more friends and people so that they follow you. You can use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, yahoo and other network friends to connect to Pinterest.

Follow Interesting Boards

Using 'Follow Boards' button in the top menu bar you can find boards with you are interested in. Try to connect to some favorite topics and let your friends follow you.

See all Your Pins

If you search from the search bar, Pinterest will display pins from all over the globe related to that topic. Select 'Just My Pins' so that result will include only your pins.

Integrate your Website with Pinterest

After verifying your site with Pinterest you will be able to use Pinterest Analytics, Trusted verified business and of course a Pinterest integration tabs.

Pinterest official how to
Plugin for verifying business
Validate your site for rich pins
Pinterest official plug-ins for websites

Pinterest Sweepstakes

If you are using your website to reach millions of readers and willing to have some contest to win, Pinterest is the best option. Just create a new board with some cool criteria and call readers to participate. Then may be upon random selection you will place a price. Such as 1st winner will get Samsung Note 4 ($300 - $400), 2nd to get iPad ($300) etc.

Wipe your History

Using 'Clear Recent Searches' option you can clear all your previous searches and keep your privacy on. This option is in setting tab.

Send Pins to Friends or Network members

By clicking Send button you can send those Pins to anyone around. You can also send them through social network emails.

Clear Recent Contacts

If you wish to wipe out those addresses which you recently pinned, you can easily do so using 'Clear Recent Contacts' option.

Email Notifications

If you wish not to receive unwanted and unlimited e-mails from users you can easily set those permissions. Keep only those options to Yes which you really want to. All others you can turn off.

You can choose to receive notification only from people you follow and not from everyone. This will help you get fewer numbers of pop-ups.


Sometimes you wish to be hidden rather than public. You can set your profile to private and hence searchable only to few limits. You can decide whether your data needs to be tracked by search engines or not.

Popular pins

In this, you can see which pins and topics are mostly being favored or what trend is going on. Whether it is celebs or gadgets you can track the market trend. You can follow those pins or even share with your friends.


This is somewhat like being lucky. Pinterest will display all the pins which are running around. You can go to Various Categories to see them as per specific categories.


When it comes to wishing someone for birthday or anniversary, Pinterest has the best option available. You can gift someone your choice of a pin by selecting them from Gifts section. Cool things stay here. Another great option about gifts is you can set your own price tag on the gift before sending to someone.

Secret Boards

In Secret boards section, a group of people participating in that board will only see the things. This is good for conferencing or network people business. Contributors will have all the info and not everyone on Pinterest. It is strictly private.

You can create Group Boards so that you can invite specific pool of people or friends to participate in that board. You also have an option to categorize the boards so that people get an easy access to them.

Go Private while you surf 

Let Pinterest not track your favorites. If you do not want the relevant pins to come up ahead and browse privately you can edit settings accordingly. There may be any reason. In personalization, you can set whether Pinterest tracks your search history. This will prevent Pinterest to display you relevant and guesses all the time.

Add a map to Board

If you wish to plan a business trip or a vacation with family or friends, Pinterest has an option to add a map to the board. You can add multiple places on the world map and it will be saved. You can Pin your map so that others may know about it.

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