JBL Everest Elite 700 Platinum is an Excellent rich sound Headphones
JBL recently introduced a limited edition of Everest Elite 700 Platinum headphones as part of their 70th Birthday celebrations. These come with latest Bluetooth 4.0 support and NXTGen active noise-cancelling technology. 

Headphones are priced at attractive $299.95 and features "TruNote Auto Sound Calibration" technology which automatically tunes the sound and also has built-in controls for music playback and mic for hands-free calls. 

Looking at the design, Everest Elite 700 has a solid design and has JBL logo at both earcups center. Again a lightweight, comfortable on ears and cushions are pretty well with cool feeling. With 40mm drivers at the center of each headphone core, it produces excellent Bass with a lot of thump and details. See on Amazon

JBL Everest Elite 700 Platinum

For most of the music genres, headphones work pretty impressive and quite capable of producing mid and treble ranges in a rich manner. The NXTGen active noise-cancelling technology blocks most of the noise outside such as train outside or busy vehicles street. Headphones do come with a strong Bluetooth connectivity so that you can move around easily. 

It also supports 'my JBL' app which can connect them to any smartphone and utilize new levels of control through the app. On wireless connection, it can last up to 15 hours on single charge. 

Some of the limitations seen are some pressure feeling on long periods, accidently clicking on buttons which are easily clickable. Buy on Amazon

Overall Everest Elite 700 Platinum headphone is an amazing choice for music lovers.
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