Are Technical Developments Becoming An Unavoidable Addiction?
Sometimes I get tired of these so-called advanced technologies and science things. Last week I just found myself trapped in wires and gadgets on my bed in the early morning. Is it really helping us? Certainly, there are two sides of every argument. 

Looking at current technical developments, it seems we could be in real mess sooner. We often notice ourselves surrounded by wires, SIM cards, adapters, CDs, DVDs etc. Whether it is mobile, headphones, smart cards, laptops etc, these things are always around us.

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In the process of making things better, quicker and faster we are trying to unnecessary push us towards a complicated technological trap. Have you noticed a latest fact that without internet connections and your devices, we feel we are going to be in some kind of trouble? Have you ever tried to stay away from all of these for the week or at least for few days? The answer is nothing but a horror.

Recent data reveals the road accidents have been increased in larger percentages due to texting, calling and surfing while on the driving. That is the reason in most of the countries their government has banned the usage of electronic devices while on driving. Most of the times we use these devices just to entertain ourselves or for our little ones. Once you are addicted to wi-fi, it is very difficult to stay offline.

Virtual Assistance

So many tools such as Google instant advice, auto correction in word and smartphones, grammar assist often helps you to be absolutely perfect, but still, it limits in improving your own thinking capabilities.

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Thinking positively there are much more benefits than limitations. Such as finding information over the internet, reading short texts, auto corrected grammar in a word, speed networking, surfing, 3g, 4g networks, high definition audio and videos and multimedia etc. Not only that, with a concise and smart use of internet and latest gadgets you can work seamlessly and efficiently.

It’s been observed that youngsters and even old aged people often try to interact with someone new out there online. As if they will soon land up in connection with a cute stranger (he/she). Practically it rarely happens and they waste a lot of their time and energy in doing the same activity repeatedly. E.g. chatting with strangers online - yahoo messenger.

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One of the most arguable debates is online piracy. Copying, stealing, and piracy are often found with online things. The most important are to create original and concise articles or report. People keep fighting with each other for their content. But surely there is a difference between just copying, just spinning, referring in detail, taking a guide, having knowledge from other's sources etc. In short, we should keep respect for others originality and creativity. That’s it!

In short, although the world is moving towards some extraordinary developments in technology, there are always some side effects of those. We must ensure to use them wisely and patiently and also never to go with just flow and get addicted to them.
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