What is Android Wear? Android Wear 2.0 in brief
Android wear is an operating system developed by Google for wearable devices. Gadgets such as smartwatches, fitness trackers need a special operating system and Google's Android wear is undoubtedly the best OS out there. 

Wearables will support your day-to-day activities similar to your smartphones such as instant notifications, call alerts, texting, alarms, fitness tracking and much more. 

There are plenty of Android wear apps available right now to enjoy many smartwatch features and you have options to get them on both Google Play and Apple store. At this moment these two are the best places for all app development

Android Wear 2.0 - A major standalone OS upgrade from Google

Released in 2016 at the Google I/O summit, Android wear 2.0 is the latest version of android wear smartwatch os. Its a big leap for this OS in terms of its functionality and operation for your wearables. For instance, now you don't need your wearable to be synced with smartwatch all the time, instead, this OS will allow you to download apps directly on your wrist. This means a complete independence from your phone. 

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How to Setup Android Wear and some tips

Recently brought your Android Wear smartwatch and want to have some fun? You can see this in-depth guide for Android wear tips and tricks from rocumbu.

How to update Android wear a watch?

If you think your watch needs a software upgrade or it is ready to be updated, you can check in its settings or some cases an automatic message will appear asking you to update your software. Just follow the instructions and it must work. 

Best Android Wear Apps in the market

Android wearables are with us from few years and there are many developers have already come up with decent apps which you can use freely. 

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